TANO leather handbags are ADORABLE & AFFORDABLE

  1. I change my bag often so I decided to start buying bags that don't cost as much as my house or car payments. I found Tano Bags to be really functional, fun and priced right.

    Anyone agree?

    If so, here's a list of places online to buy them:


    Here's the latest one I got:

    It's multi-functional, soft and roomy. Has two straps, lots of pockets and can be carried like a messenger style when I go SHOPPING! :drool:

    DO YOU LIKE IT?:tup:
  2. Very cute! I'm a big Tano and fan and just adore their colors - they've got it right!
  3. Yippee! I was wondering if anyone else found them as adorable as I! Thanks for the reply. I just can't afford to pay $2000 for a purse! But, I wish I could. ; )
  4. ITA! And the one you have is probably the one I will get but in a different color.
    Have fun with it!
  5. I think it is musthavebag with no "s" on the end. I have one Tano quite similar to the one you posted (last year's style Miss Congeniality) and I enjoy it quite a bit.
  6. Thats right, its singular, not plural. Congrats on your first Tano bag! Im sure you will have many more in time!:yahoo:
  7. i've been holding off....the leather doesn't look that good, but i do want one of the buckets for a school sack.
  8. SGT gumby- check out the leather IRL before you decide. Also, Tano has many different types of leather, so there's likely something that will suit you.
  9. For some reason, the Tano Boogie Bucket is one of the hottest designs. What do you think?

  10. It isn't the right style for me, but I can understand its popularity. It is a very large bag that holds a tremendous amount, but because of the slouch it doesn't appear as big and it doesn't overwhelm the wearer. Because of the type of leather and depending on the color chosen, it can easily go from office to casual. It is a good all-purpose bag.

    Personally, I need more organization and more pockets!
  11. The last two websites aren't coming up for me - they're search engines? and that second one that you mentioned under another name is one not allowed anymore on TPF. There are a ton of other Tano retailers that you can buy from. If you do a simple search on TPF, you can find them.
  12. I am not a Tano owner, but I think their colours are second to none - really original and eye catching.
  13. I have this bag in red, and I love it! I don't usually like bucket bags because I like things a little more organized, but what sells this bag is the amazing leather. Some of the leathers that Tano uses in their bags are not my cup of tea (they seem a little scratchy or cheap) but this is perfect. I've received so many compliments on it!
  14. I love my sex bombs!
    TanoGreen.jpg TanoSexbombCobalt.jpg
  15. WHERE can I FIND that???:drool: I also have an obsession with the "two pockets" on bags. That looks like the PERFECT bag for me.