Tano Label(s)

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  1. Yep lots of different tags... there are Tano New York tags, Tano graffiti labels, boring tano labels, etc
  2. Even "Tano of Madrid' going WAY back.

    Tano has been in business since the 1930's, so there have been tons of different logos and tags over the years.
  3. Wow! I had no idea that "Tano of Madird" was the same company. I've seen quite a few of those on ebay.
  4. I still miss the big graffiti label. :sad:
  5. I liked the Graffiti label too. I didn't mind the little outside tab either.
  6. ^^Me either. I love opening my blueprint Boogie and seeing that giant tag. :heart:
  7. I know, that Graffitti label was so cheerful.
  8. ^^

    Me too!! The graphitti Label was so cheerful and I liked the outside Tano tabs too.
  9. ^^Add me to the missing the graffiti label and the outside Tano tabs too!