TANO-ite Randomness - CHAT IT UP!

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  1. Haven't been to the movies in ages. . . I think the last one I saw was Eclipse. . . :thinking:
  2. YAY...new chat thread!

    We went and saw Red...it was good. Jaon..Town was my choice...but Red was on my list and top of DH's choice...and playing at the right time...so it won!

    I am not cooking...Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza to the rescue!
  3. I just saw RED this weekend too and loved it. Still need to see The Town and The Social Network.

    I hope all my love Tano ladies are doing well!! I wanted to share a few wedding photos with you guys. We don't have the professional shots back but I managed to steal a few from friends/family.



  4. Aww Knas, you look beautiful and you are glowing. You and your hubby look so in love. :love: Aww it's so sweet.
  5. Congratulations Knas!! :drinkup:

    You were one GORGEOUS bride. But I'm wondering which boogie you carried with the white dress :P

  6. Thanks ladies! It was a wonderful day. :girlsigh:
  7. Perfection Knas! Congratulations and best wishes! :biggrin:
  8. Knas, you look amazing and so happy! I love your dress, and I love the green flower in your hair! So you. I'm incredibly happy for you. :heart: :hugs:
  9. OMG Knas!!!!! You are BEYOND gorgeous :smile: so so pretty! Congratulations!
  10. OK I was momentarily confused but now get it-we actually hit over 5000 posts on that other thread!

    Knas, you look gorgeous. DH is a hottie :smile:.
  11. Aw thank you ladies! Kmh, I agree about DH. :graucho:
  12. Hello knasare and congrats on your wedding!! Gosh, you make such a beautiful bride... I hope one day my future DH looks at me with as much love/adoration as yours does with you!! :love:
  13. Gorgeous Knas!! You were a beautiful bride...so glad you all had a fantastic wedding day!!
  14. Knaz!!! You look beautiful!!!!! Congrats sweetie!