Tano Help....help me choose a bag for spring

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Help me choose a new Tano for Spring

  1. Get another boogie bucket in lawn

  2. Try a different style

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  1. I have been using my grey boogie for most of the winter....LOVE IT!!! I actually love the lawn boogie that's new for spring. I'm usually really safe when it comes to color (mostly browns/ blacks/ greys) so a green would be a change. Would it be silly for me to get another boogie in a different color or should I get a whole new bag style? (I also own a jettsetter (similar to the sex bomb)..what do you all thing? Thanks ladies!
  2. I'm beating my head up against the wall on which bag to buy in pool!!!!!! I would buy the pool Boogie if I didn't already have one so I'm fighting the same fight you are!!!

    Which bag are you leaning toward???
  3. I really really love my boogie, but I sort of feel silly getting the same bag in a different color.....there are so many that I like that I feel stuck. I have three kiddos and need something big enough to put extra stuff in there, but not so big that it is so overpowering (am I making sense or just babbling). I love the way the boogie slouches as well.
  4. You are making total sense!!! My Boogie is my very favorite bag. I love her so much and I carry her a lot....way more than any of my other bags. But I got a Buxom Buddy during Alex's sale and now I won't be able to NOT buy Lenny leather...it's so gorgeous and smooshy.

    But blue bags are my 'thing' so I'm going to have to have a Tano in pool......(I am rambling!)
  5. hmmm... if it were me, i would choose a different style.

    I have some clients who have practically every color of the boogie bucket and the shopper that was ever issued. If something is really perfect for you, I guess buying a second color isn't so crazy. I do that with shoes, since I have such difficult feet to fit. If I find a shoe that I like and its comfortable and practical, I buy it in 2 colors.

    Pool and grey are way different, anyway!