Tano handbags

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  1. What's crunch leather and how does everyone like it. Is it hard and stiff??
  2. It is real shiny, like plastic almost, I just saw a lot at Bergdorf Goodman. I am waiting for the Lenny leather. It looks very young and trendy. and I know I just set myself up to be killed here...NO OFFENSE!!!
  3. Does BG sell Tano?
  4. Tano crunch leather is one of the more divisive topics here, I think the snakeskin debate is more tame. If you search for crunch you will find the people who think it's cool and gets softer over time and the people who think it's plastic. I personally like it.
  5. Definitely worth doing a search - you'll find so many opinions, you'll be reading all day! There is a member here who goes by the name of tanoexpert too and she is a guru on all things Tano, so maybe check out her posts in particular.
  6. The crunch leather is fairly thin and has a slightly shiny finish, but not shiny like patent. To me there is no question that it looks like leather and not plastic, and it smells divine. I prefer it to the very soft leathers because a soft analine finish is far too easy for me to damage with everyday use. I can actually use a Tano bag with a crunch finish and not have to worry over a drop of moisture damaging it.

    But everyone is different, and if you prefer very soft bubbly leathers, then the crunch leather is not for you.
  7. I bought a Tano Boogie bucket in May. The leather is the Crunch type.
    I dont think it looks plastic-like at all. The leather has a sheen to it. The flash on my camera makes it look more shiny than it actually is.
    The first photo shows my Tano at one day old...;)
    When it arrived the leather smelt gorgeous and the leather was soft and has a slight distressed look to it.
    Here is a pic of it now, after alot of use. I think it is ageing nicely! It still has a leather smell and is even more soft now.

    Here is a close up of the leather, as it is today.

    I wouldnt get rid of my crunch Tano ever. The leather is great and plus the boogie bucket style is so practical when I take my kids on day trips out.
  8. Ow wow, duranie- you know you're opening up a can of worms here! Im going to try to contain myself... Ive learned that its just not worth it to argue with people on this topic.

    Obviously there are many, many kinds of leather out there, and we all have our own likes and dislikes. Crunch is Tano's most popular leather by far. But its not for everyone! What I just dont get is the plastic-y thing. Crunch is a hand stained, vegetal tanned leather- its not your typical smooshy leather that many people here like, but its a beautiful leather IMO and does not by any means resemble any type of plastic in the most remote fashion!! Ok, enough said.
  9. I'm trying to get a grasp of what the Crunch leather is like, too, since I'm considering a Tano for my next bag. Is the leather glazed? Or is it just shiny on its own? And does it actually make a "crunching" sound when smooshed?
  10. yes, on the 5th floor Bergdorf's has a big wall of tano bags near the shoes- in CRUNCH leather mostly, and some in the new DIVA distressed metalic suede as well. There's even a tano bag in their window right now, facing the plaza!
  11. Mockinglee, isnt there any boutique near you that you can visit to check out Tano bags IRL? Its so hard to grasp their leather from pictures.
  12. Oh, I live in LA. I'm sure there are plenty, I just haven't had the time to go find one. :smile: But, that's good advice. I guess I'll have to drag my ass into a store at some point.

  13. LOL..no it doesnt make a crunching sound when smooshed. I wouldnt take the name as a literal description of the leather. Its not like carrying a bag of crisps...or 'chips' to you USA-ers...

    I wonder how they came up with the name 'crunch'.....? Can you shed some light on that Tano Expert?

    'P.S OMG....I just checked out the latest Tano's after not looking for about 6 months, and I just saw this new Boogie bucket shade in Crunch leather. I think my brown one above might be retiring soon in favour of this!! :drool:
  14. I know! That wine color is AMAZING!

    I have two Tanos in crunch leather and there is nothing plastic-y about them.
    I'm carrying my black Boogie Bucket today and I just had a really good look at it and it's looking great.

    It's not a thick, smooshy leather but it's not thin or cheap looking either.

    It's got a bit of a shine to it and taking pics with a flash makes it look even shinier.
    As it gets older, it gets a little more faded and worn in looking.

    As others have said, there is a divide on the board about the crunch leather. Everyone has different tastes.
  15. does anyone know if tano does sales? I really love that wine bag!