Tano Handbag - need help, please

  1. Hi,

    I hope this is the right forum to ask for this! If not, sorry, I'm new here! :shame:

    This autumn started the series Prison Break, here where I live! I totally fall in love with the Tano Handbag from the Doctor. Maybe you know the Minilisa 3219.

    Can you say me if it's anywhere possible to still get this handbag??

    thank you in advance!!
  2. hi, sorry i can't be of help and tell you, but there is a woman here who goes by the name "tano expert" and i am willing to bet she knows!!

    welcome to tPF btw :smile:
  3. It is a rockin bag! :tup:

    If you get one be sure to post lots of pics... .... and WELCOME!
  4. Tano hasn't made that model since Fall 06, so it may be hard to locate one now. It sold out in my store last year- not only because it is featured on prison break but also because its a great bag. I wish Tano still made it! Just keep searching online and check eBay if you are really desperate, I guess. Good luck!
  5. thank you missypoo for the links. I have contact the simplyelegantboutique and they wrote that this was an old site!

    But anyway thank you for your efforts :smile:
  6. Oh... these are bad news :sad:

    I read something from a very similar model which calls Analisa! Is this still to buy?

    Or is there a similar or follow up model from the minilisa?
  7. I remember asking Alexandra about this - I believe the Analisa was even earlier than the Minilisa - which is also no longer in production...

    good luck on your search!
    maybe you can call up a few stores in the store directory at tanobag.com and ask about their availability...
  8. tenmosquito is right- Analisa preceded Minilisa by 1 year, so it will be even HARDER to find.
  9. I saw one (Mini Lisa) on Shopmartins.com. Hope this helps.
  10. viola is right- that's the prison break bag on shopmartins.com. I cant believe they still have it in stock after so long! You should ask what condition it's in. Since they are a bricks and mortar store, it may have been banged around the shop a lot over the past year. But if the condition is good, I would grab it while you can! Good luck!
  11. OH... Thank you very much for this info! I will try this! I hope so this works!
  12. yes thank you! I will try this!

    Thanks for all the nice help!
  13. I hope you get it jen!! It's such a pretty bag.