Tano handbag assistance please. Thanks!

  1. I'm new here and just wanted to say hi to everyone. I've looking to find my fiance an inexpensive nice everyday bag. She has her LVs and other types but she NEVER uses them unless its a real special occasion. So i want to find her something around the 130-200 dollar range and I think the TANO JAQUELINE HYDE HOBO would be perfect. She doesnt like it to be expensive, a loud name brand or big. I know ive heard her say that she liked Hobo bags before. I wanted to get a black or brown one so that she can use it everyday and it matches her typical office clothes. black, brown, grey-type.
    I cant seem to find this Tano bag anywhere in black on the internet! Can anyone give me any suggestions on where to look for this? I;ve searched all over the net but found nothing but greens and yellows. I work in Manhattan so if anyone knows a good store, that would be great too!

    Im also ready to accept that I might not find this exact bag so I was wondering in any of you great taste women can recommend something similar to this? (Not too expensive, flashy or big)

    Thanks! This is a great forum! Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi!! There's a Jaqueline and Hyde bag in Beaujourlais (a wine color) at Adoniabags for 168.00 and if you use the discount code iloveblogs you get another 15% off. The wine colour is a great neutrala nd will add a pop of colour to your fiance's wardrobe. It'll go beautifully with her blacks, browns and grays. The address is adoniabags.com. I've ordered from there before and the customer service is excellent!! Good luck.
  3. How about a Vixen Van Go Go. . . Alex is giving everyone free shipping right now.... and the braided handle is so pretty.
  4. I've ordered from both places and they are excellent with customer service. I think that your fiance would love either bag, they're both great! I just got the boogie bucket in gray, great neutral color and great bag. Good luck with your search.
  5. I just got the Vixen Van go go in grey and I absolutely love it!! I have gotten so many complements on it so far. fo, I would recommend either getting the grey or the bejoulaus (wine) color because the leather trim really stands out more on the bag on those colors vs the black.

  6. J...

    How functional is the pocket on the Van Go Go? Is it roomy and easy to access?
  7. Hi Voodoo- You mean the 2 zip pockets are outside the bag? I don't need to use them (I usually put my keys in the inside pocket) but you could use it for keys, cell, small items if you want to use it. each pocket is probably about 3 inches wide and the pocket is a nice depth size- not deep enough that you have to really dig but not too small that it is useless.
    I know you asked for pics before. My mom had borrowed my digital camera and came home from vacation so I will get the camera from her when I see her tonight or tommorow and post pics.
  8. Awesome!! Can't wait!

    Back to the OP: Did you make a decision on which bag to get?
  9. Vixen van go go in Charcoal grey

  10. [​IMG]
  11. OMG I love the charcoal color, j!!!!! She's gorgeous!!! :tup:
  12. I meant to say the little zipper is about 3 inches long, not wide. Can't edit my original post.
  13. Thanks Voodoo!!!