Tano Gerard Hobo

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  1. I don't know if any of you know about Tano but their bag is just faboulous! I just recieved my order of the Gerard in bluemarine and the blue just pops, the leather is distressed, and soft!

    Here is a pic for now on a different website. It is actually more blue than purple.

    It looks really similar to the Balenciaga hobo but I think this is a great alternative. It is only $169 at musthavebag.com. The inside is orange and has a very unique cell pocket.

    I will post pics tomorrow! I was just so shocked at how great the bag was I would like to share:nuts:

    http://shop.store.yahoo.com/koodekirboston/gecrto.html (color)

    http://www.musthavebag.com/Details.cfm?ProdID=91&category=0 (style from site I bought it from)

    I plan on getting a Tano recliner bag too!
  2. Oh wow! I really really like some of those & I like the recliner too! Congrats on your new addition!!

    Love these (great price!) --

    I'm such a sucker for all things double pocket.


    So cute! Would you keep me posted?
  3. Thanks! I will keep you posted. I think it is a great price too for a well made bag. Alexandra, who own the site is so nice!
  4. I love the bag! I want to see what the other colors look like- the blue looks amazing! Use it well!
  5. Congrats on getting a great-looking bag!
  6. Munchkyn- don't forget to post pictures- I really want to see the your bag!
  7. Yes! Damn you all for showing all these great bags!
  8. Wow! Thankyou for sharing that site! I really like the love triangle bag. :o) Even my husband said it looked nice.
  9. That's a great bag :biggrin: I love the color.
  10. congrats on your tano. i can't wait to see the blue. i wasn't patient and just got the brown instead (which is really good, too). i am glad that someone else thinks it resembles a Balenciaga. it wasn't my intention when i purchased my bag, but after i joined this forum and learned about Balenciaga, i did see a resemblance. how was the customer service from must have bag? alexandra seems nice.
  11. Alexandra is the best. If there is a style on the actual tano website that she doesn't have she will order for you or even a color you want. I bet the brown will look really nice too! There are so many colors available and it is hard to choose
  12. So here are the pics! There is one with it on me. Sorry I am not dressed up:shame: just got out of school. Then there is the orange inside which just pops! I love it and there is a cool pocket where they use the leather to make so it's nice for keys or something.

    As you can see from my photos, it is more blue than purple shown on the website I posted. I just can't stop looking at it:love:

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  13. Great pics, thanks!
  14. Cute! Love the blue with the orange. Tano was a boring old name that has been completely revitalized and they've had some really fun things over the past few years. I have one of the little metallic "banana bags". That soft buttery leather is new for them too.

    The girl at Musthavebag was very nice and helpful and ordering from Koo De Kir is great, they ship fast and in exquisite packaging.
  15. Oh wow! abandonedimages, I LOVE those 2 you posted, especially the green one! (I'm also a sucker for double pockets!)