tano fanatic & forum newbie - calling all MONA LETHAL fans!!!

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  1. I'm so excited to find this great forum - and to meet all you sassy, smart ladies who are as addicted to tanos as I am. Wait a minute, can I consider myself an addict if I have just one tano? *hanging my head in shame*

    I loooooove my mona lethal. Any other mona lethal fanatics out there?!! For me, it's the perfect tano for a city girl:

    • great size - holds my reusable shopping bag, e-reader, moleskine notebook, sunglasses, eyeglasses, cell phone, blackberry, wallet, and small umbrella
    • just the right number of pockets in all the right places to keep me organized - perfect for getting out my subway card fast!
    • even with the structured pockets, it hangs nicely, with the perfect amount of droop
    • the hardware and accent leather gives me a little biker-babe sass without being over-the-top
    • the wide strap makes it comfortable - both over the shoulder and cross-body
    • if I empty out all my junk, it folds over and makes a darling clutch for evening - I love breaking down the strap with those nifty o-rings!
    There's a darling shop in Soho that I plan to visit this week to see their stock of spring eternal. (If the Soho shop doesn't get me, the sale at Must Have Bag just may do the trick this week!) Anybody seen these? Anybody have one?! Anybody have a modeling pic to share?!! I'm intrigued by the plush leather and the brass hardware.

    I'm not usually a buy-two-if-you-love-it kind of gal, but I think I have to buy another mona letha/spring eternal. Any favorite colors?!! Any other tanos you think are almost as awesome?!!

    I totally get boogie love, and every time I see one, I totally fetishize it. I just want to carry it around and gaze at it and hang it off a chair and watch it puddle on the table.

    But...I'm worried about getting one and having my junk all mixed up in the bottom of the bag. I guess I just really like the way all my stuff has a place in those mona lethal pockets! Anybody ever think they'd feel the same way and then end up loving the boogie?!
  2. Where do you think we all came from!? Cut from the same cloth m'dear! After I bought my first tano, I owned about 30 within 9 months or so lol! So yes, absolutely you can!!!!!!

    Welcome to TPF and the Tano subforum and the Tano brand!!!!!!!!! Love your reviews, can't wait to hear more from you! I don't have a mona lethal or a boogie but I know some other ladies here do!
  3. I have a truffle mona lethal. She is in constant rotation with my other Tano's. Love her!
  4. Welcome to tPF!!! I'm so excited you found us, too! :yahoo:

    And yes indeed you can be addicited with just one Tano! I only had my blueprint Boogie Bucket for a long time before I caved to the addiction and started building my Tano collection.

    And sweetie.......there's a lot of us that repeat styles!! Ode is our resident Immeasurable Queen and TygerKitty has the market cornered on Minilisa's. KMH has a pile of Boogie Buckets! You are in good company and YES you should absolutely go for it with Spring Eternal.....that plush leather :love:

    What color is your Mona Lethal?
  5. :welcome2:

    I agree...we all started with ONE!! And now they are like Lays potato chips...you can't have just ONE! LOL!

    I have dupliated style wise when I find one I love...I have FOUR Immeasureables...and 2 Women Unite bags, and 2 Boogies...the colors make them different...

    So if you love it...go for it...but I have found just when I think I couldn't love a bag more then THIS one...I get a new one...and love it just as much or more! LOL! Like I am in total love with the Immeasureable...and then just brought out my PJ WU and can't believe I let her sit in the closet to long! LOL!

    I would love pictures of your Mona Lethal...that is a bag that intrigues me and I don't think we see enough of!
  6. :true: I can't stop buying Tanos haha
  7. Yayy I love when we get new Tano-ites! I'm so glad you found tPF. I know one of the things you like about the ML is having a spot for everything and you're worried about not having that with the Boogie (or really any other bag haha) - I'd suggest looking at a purse organizer like the Purse-to-go. They have a lot of pockets and I use it so that I know exactly where everything is in my bags. Welcome!!
  8. Hey there! I was a non-bucket gal for the longest time...addicted to bags with pockets. Thanks to these dear ladies, I tried a Boogie and am now obsessed. In the matter of a month, I have three! If you organize your things into pouches or cases inside the bag, it's really no problem to carry a Boogie, IMO! Give one a try! I HIGHLY recommend Espresso!

    Welcome, by the way...
  9. I really want to try a Mona Lethal but I'm afraid it will be ANOTHER style that I will get addicted to. . . :lol:
  10. I have a semi-urgent request. Can anyone post pics of the opening and back of their Mona Lethal for me?

    Or at least describe it in detail? THANK YOU!
  11. Thank you, Mona!

    One last question, I know I'm annoying the forum! How does the Mona Lethal size compare to the Getting Warmer?
  12. I don't have a GW, but I've seen one IRL, and it seemed a bit bigger. The GW hangs a bit differently than the ML when worn as a cross-body. It keeps its shape a bit more and doesn't hug the body as much, if that makes sense? Both are great bags - I was torn between them myself!
  13. GAH! I am so torn. I love my Getting Warmer, by the way. You need one! :yes:

    Mona Lethal, Petit Larceny.....Petit Larceny, Mona Lethal....

    Someone help! :nuts:
  14. Ummmm.... Beeb, I guess if you answer the following questions we'll find the answer:

    1. Are you home alone?
    2. Which bag results in you making the Giant Inhaley Sucky Noise when you see pics of it?
    3. Can you get your hands on your favorite color for just one or both of the bags?
    4. If your Chicklit explodes will the PL hold the carnage?
    5. Is one or the other being made in a color you in which you like the bag more next season?