Tano Fall 2012

  1. Hey ya'll! I figured I'd start a thread about the latest Tanos coming out for the fall and see who's interested in any of the up coming styles.

    For me, I decided to pre-order (a first, ever!) with MHB; I got a Sound Track in brown sugar. Anyone else decided to grab one early besides me? ;)
  2. Thanks for starting this thread! I haven't pre-ordered anything, but cannot wait to buy a new Tano for fall.
  3. Of course :smile:

    There's still a couple from the Spring line that I want (the Zippy & and Hit The Block) but the Sound Track leather looks so awesome in the sample pics posted on MHB's website. The size kinda intimidates me (18" wide, eep) and I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off, but we shall see!
  4. I looked at that sound track as it looks gorgeous! But I just cannot rationalize another brown or black bag no matter how hard I try!;) I'm thinking maybe the bucket o' love alchemy in gunmetal but I'm worried that that will be too large as well. But right now, that's my plan. Or maybe a mona lethal in a fall color....
  5. After some thought I find myself really wanting a Mona Lethal in Ink; love that blue and cross body bags are my signature. Sigh! Maybe if the Sound Track doesn't work out...?
  6. More new bags in the Preview section of MHB's web site! I'm really liking the looks of that Holy Moly and the new little Kiss and Makeup pouch is catching my eye.


  7. Ooo! I just checked. I can't wait for more details (dimensions) of the Viva Glam in gunmetal with black. And you're right...Holy Moly looks great! Need some modeling pics of it, I think...
  8. just preordered bucket o love lux, and kiss and makeup. couldnt resist!
  9. I'm eyeing a Plan Be for myself. Just the perfect size crossbody, and all those pockets!
  10. Me too! It looks great in ink, and I've been wanting to get something blue.
  11. A Bucket o' Love sounds nice too...however I'm doubtful it can go crossbody judging by the length of the adjustable strap.