tano expert -- bag on tano website

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  1. Hi..
    I was just browsing the blog and clicked on the tano web link ... what is that awesome bag on page 2 (or 3) -- the white cross body with black leather trim along the side zipper and at the corners...
    I must have it.....I don't see a name of it anywhere! (boy obsession kicks in quickly, doesn't it??):sweatdrop:
  2. Hi, Can you post a link to the bag you're looking at?
  3. The pictures with the model right?

    I don't recognize that bag....
  4. http://tanobag.com

    bag in image 2/7 and 4/7 --
    on closer inspection, it looks like dark brown leather trim...
  5. So sorry, I don't know either. I bet Voo knows!
  6. It looks like beach and I don't think beach ever came out...but Voo or TE will be along to help you for sure!
  7. Hi, Kaz!

    In the future you can post your questions you want TE to answer in the "Ask the Tano Expert" stickie :yes:

    All these bags are from Spring 2008. Pic #2 is a My Photo in fudgesicle.

    The bag in pic #4 is Lip-Sync in beach.
  8. Yeah I think you are right, Ode. I don't think the beach did ever come out....but those pics were on Tano's site before the that spring season shipped so I'm betting they were samples.
  9. My computer must be messed up because page on both pages 2 and 4 the model is holding the same bag...I'll figure it out..
    Thanks for your help guys!! There's always something new to obsess over...
  10. Maybe the pics come up randomly.

    Are you talking about this bag? It's called All the Trimmings.

    Photo credit Tano Handbags.

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  11. Ok, I figured it out -- it's the lip sync....searched for some pics in the forum and matched it up....now I'll have to find one of my very own .... ah, but the search will have to wait .. I'm off to Portugal in an hour...
    and I promise promise that I will post pics of all my tanos when I get back so that I can officially join the club!!:happydance:
  12. Have a safe trip!

    And know you can email tano and they will give you a list of retailers that stocked certain bags, which helps when trying to find one!

    Look forward to your pictures!
  13. TE said in another thread that beach for this season was never put into production; any beach bags floating around would be from spring 2007 (I think?)
  14. Have a great trip! I can't wait to hear about it and see your tanos!