Tano Crunch Leather Wear-Discuss & Pics

  1. This has come up recently..... how is your crunch leather wearing?

    I, personally, believe that the way my crunch leather is wearing is both beautiful and 'personal' to the bag.

    Here's pics of my Boogie Bucket.

    What about every one else who has crunch leather?
    P1100539.JPG P1100554.JPG P1100549.JPG P1100557.JPG
  2. If all the Boogies buckets are crunch (please correct me if I'm wrong), then mine is pretty good. I have it in mineral yellow but it looks like in some places the leather is wearing faster than others. I feel like I should use leather conditioner on it...
  3. I know as the bag wears it's supposed to get the 'vintage' look as the hand staining is over the base, neutral color of the leather.

    As far as I know all Boogies are crunch.

    I :love: mine.... it's really my favorite bag. It's so sturdy and the color is just tdf.
  4. I don't own a Tano bag, but I've been eyeing them, maybe in yellow or green for spring. I am looking forward to this discussion!

    Voodoo, in some of the pics of your bag it looks like there is shading that is light purple/pink? Almost like the blue is streaked. Is this correct or just something my PC is picking up?

  5. I condition all of my crunch leather and they look brand new. I know they are supposed to wear and look vintage but I prefer the semi glossiness of the crunch. By regularly conditioning the crunch it looks brand new.
  6. I love the just bought vibrant color. But I also don't mind the wear because it slouches and ages the bag nicely. A worn in comfort.
  7. Voodoo, I see pink shading in your bag. Has your bag changed color or did you have transfer from clothing? I am just wondering what happened as this is not the original
    blueprint blue color.
  8. wow voodoo...ur bag is aging nicley! I love the way crunch leather ages- My favorite is how it gets so soft!

    Lizcordova- I think ur just seeing the reflection of light ( it somewhat appears to be pink):yes:
  9. Pink shading?? :wtf:

    I can promise you there is nothing but divine blue gorgeousness on my Boogie! haha It must be a reflection of my shirt or the TV or something.....I readily admit that I stink at taking pictures. When the weather clears and it's sunny I'll take some outdoor action shots. :lol:

    Here's 4 more pics....
    P1100550.JPG P1100551.JPG P1100555.JPG P1100556.JPG
  10. Love that blue shade voodoo. I kinda regret not buying that shade but somehow I have the most blues in my bag collection as it already is even though blue isn't my favorite color. The blue on tano looks so multidimensional in color.
  11. I know this isn't about the crunch leather but how does the handle wear? Does it soften up or remain stiff...I mean on the Boogie Bucket? I realy like that blue bag Voodoo, it is a gorgeous colour.
  12. ^^My bag was never really 'stiff'....it is a smooth, crisper feeling leather. And it's wearing really well...it has gotten softer around the edges w/ wear. And thank you!
  13. ^^Thanks for answering!
  14. Tano Expert will probably laugh but this is what I did to hasten the vintage 'look'....I laid my Tano Bow Toxic and my Shizzle in the strong sun. I turned it over now and then and kept it out for around 3 hours. It took the 'too bright' edge of the color out and made it like a soft, worn pair of jeans.

    It aged the leather to the perfect worn look I wanted.
  15. That's clever! I think I want to actually try that if I didn't like the sheen in the crunch...

    thanks for the tip!