Tano crunch cheap-looking?

  1. What I really found interesting was the fact that I carry mostly Koobas, Botkiers, and Grysons, and my sister hates all of my bags. Never do I carry one that I get even a little "Ooooh" from her. Yesterday she saw my MiniLisa and said "Hey I like that". That was a huge compliment coming from her and it was about a bag 100's of dollars less than my usuals. Tano's do carry a WOW factor.
  2. After seeing and handling my new Tano Minilisa earlier this morning, I’ve gotta say that the crunch leather doesn’t look cheap at all to me. I love the feel and the color of the leather (I got it in brown)…the picture in musthavebags doesn’t do the bag justice. For one thing, that picture is too shiny…the Tano I have is not as glossy.
  3. I went away on a business trip and carried my Tano Bow Toxic in papaya (with crunch leather).

    I had over a dozen women stop me to ask about my bag (Alex, I gave them your website addy). While I normally carry Koobas, I rarely have someone stop me to ask about them.

    I think it is the lovely coloration of the Tanos that are their greatest appeal.