Tano crunch cheap-looking?

  1. Hi everyone, I was just looking at some other forum topics pertaining to the tano crunch leather, and I noticed that some people felt that the Tano crunch leather looked "cheap" and "unfinished." Is that really true? I thought the crunch leather looks similar to patent leather, but since I haven't held one or looked at one in person yet, I really can't quite be sure.

    For those of you who have seen/felt/have the crunch leather tanos, what do you guys think? Thanks for your help!
  2. I was skeptical too until I saw one in person at a local boutique. And I liked it, now I own three.

    Now keep in mind I am used to buying Koobas with leather bomber jacket type leather, very soft and substantial, retailing around $500-600.

    If you think the Tano leather is going to look like those bags, nope, your bubble will be burst. BUT if you are aiming for a fun, very colorful, real leather bag in the price range of $135 to just over $200, they fit the bill nicely. If you just want a cheapo, plastic-like colorful bag you can find those at Forever 21 for around 20 bucks. It all depends upon your aim.

    What I like about Tanos are the great color range and edgy styling. There are several kinds of leather available, the crunch being more dominant. It is smooth to the feel, does NOT crunch when you smooch it and has some wonderful color variations which add depth to the hue.

    I suppose some would say it looks like plastic from afar, maybe because of the sheen. People are not used to seeing real leather with these dyed colors, so hot and vibrant. I happen to like it. Would I like all the colors, no, I suspect color choice makes a big difference as to whether you love it or not.

    Maybe Tanos are somewhat like Chinese food, you either love it or hate it, no inbetween.

    And no, I do not work for them, I get that pm all the time because of my nick. *shrugs*

    I hope that helps you.
    TanoShizzle-blue2.JPG TanoScoopWheat-frontview.jpg
  3. I agree with everything SalesRep said. I find mine to be quite appealing and at the same time love Koobas/Grysons and Botkiers. I do not find any unfinished parts and the bags are not just fun but quite functional. I'm looking forward to my two I have preorders on and maybe will get more. And I think I will make sure any new bags will be crunch leather.

    I'm in the minority but I don't find the LoveBoat appealing at all. Everytime I see it I start singing that song in my head "Looove Boat. Exciting and new....Come aboard, we're expecting you"...LOLOL
  4. I think Tano crunch leather can look a bit shiny and stiff at first but I have found that it softens over time. To be honest, it's the hardware on many Tanos that I find to be cheap-looking.
  5. citychris, I agree with you on the hardware, maybe a brass finish would be nicer.

    I like them anyway.
  6. I had one and returned it. It's not the leather, per se, but the edges. The "unfinished" thing. Maybe if it had been folded under or something before sewn? I don't know - my take on it was that I really liked the glazed, saturated look to the leather, but I found the edges, which looked rough and unfinished to me, to be.....embarrassing?
  7. I wonder what styles have the unfinished edges.

    Both of mine are perfectly finished to every detail.
  8. Thank you everyone for responding to my post -- I have ordered a Kooba before and it's absolutely luscious, but I totally do understand that Koobas are in the 500-600 ranges and Tanos are not. I'm wondering the same thing about which styles have the unfinished edges -- the purses I looked at looked completely finished!

    Thanks for posting your pictures again ladysales, I really appreciate it. I definitely do love how Tano is willing to make bags in all types of colors -- those colors are all so gorgeous and could definitely complete an outfit.

    Thanks again!
  9. Okay Tano-lovers....
    Do your bags have labels saying where they are made? My question stems from a bag that was bought for me at a Barneys Outlet. My first reaction was that it was a Tano bag (great color, crunch leather, styling, etc) but it has the Barneys label inside as well as a made in India tag. It's a great, sporty looking bag (straps can be adjusted to be a hand, shoulder, or across the chest) with brass hardware. Do you think Tano does private labeling? Your thoughts would be appreciated.:p
  10. Hi DC, I think I read from another thread that Tano does private labeling... you could always ask Alexandra (tano expert) because her information would be the most accurate :smile:
  11. I think I read in another post that Tano does make bags for Barney's. As for which bags look "unfinished": I had a crunch leather bag, and as that's the only one I've seen IRL that's the only one I can comment on. I have another Tano bag in a different leather being delivered Monday, so we'll see on that one.
  12. I've got a few different Tano's; several cracked leather, one crunch, several tag leather..only one (tag leather) has unfinished edges. I don't know but would think some of the designs just are designed to be unfinished? Overall I love Tano, just not a fan of crunch leather..
  13. Tano has been making private label bags for Barneys (nobody else, though) for the past couple of seasons. But they wont be doing it anymore- as of this Fall they will have the TANO label in them.
  14. Tano uses raw edges as a design element in some of their bags, it gives a handhewn "deconstructed chic" kind of look. It might be too edgy for some. But honestly, only a very small percentage of their bags that have that detail. If the designer had his way, every bag would have raw edges. He loves them! Regarding the hardware, some of the bags have silver and some have antique brass. It depends upon the bag.
  15. Thanks for the info (re: Barneys private label) - I am just amazed at the level of expertise this group has...thanks everyone for your input/help - most appreciated. Love the Tano.....:yahoo: