Tano crossbody/messenger bags...anyone have one? question..

  1. im looking for an everyday bag, and tano has such nice colors! i need something that will fit a standard notebook, plus room for some other stuff like makeup, keys, ipod, etc. do you gals have one of their bags that can find all that? i want a cross body to avoid using my hands. thanks!

    also, where can i get it for the lowest price/biggest selection? i looked at *************, but they dont have all the bags i want, neither does musthavebag. thanks!

    hm, the **** was where i put e fashion house, is that website not legit?
  2. I've had my eye on that style as well. I'm curious to see what others say.
  3. Ooooh, it's the Centerfold! I had that one awhile back. It's a beautiful bag and very versatile. I posted pics, if you want to see how it looks on a person.

  4. That website is banned from tpf; therefore the asterisks.

    You can see more Tano at

    Once Tano updates their website to show all the fall bags, you can ask musthavebag to place a special order if you see a bag you like.
  5. why is it banned? I just ordered from them recently so I'm worried
  6. yeah! i was gonna order from them til i saw that..
  7. that's right ! I'm a fake spammer !:s
  8. TROLL alert! This poster answers 'thats right" just to post..see their advertising at end of posts.
  9. I think their banning had something to do with fakes? Someone correct me on this. It was just posted in another tano thread, but now I can't find it :p

    I just ordered a Tano from musthavebag.com. Alexandra is great, and really helpful! They have a good selection.
  10. I like musthavebag.com. They also have some at lunaboston and you can use luckybreaks3 for a discount. I like their crossbody bags. I ordered the Butane Jane and am eagerly awaiting it. I also ordered the Goody Bag but returned it because it wasn't deep enough.
  11. I did not realize efashion house was banned or sold fakes. That's why the purseforum is so helpful.
  12. me too! Mine's supposed to be delivered today!
  13. I don't think they sell fakes at all...have ordered from them before. But if I remember correctly there was a lot of static on the boards last year when some discussions got heated between the owner of that site and some members. I don't remember specifics though.
  14. Oh do model and tell us about it! I also ordered the Butane Jane in blue...it arrives next week..
  15. It came in! Here's a link to my pics (including modeling). I didn't know if I was allowed to post them twice...anyway, here ya go: