tano crazy......

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  1. ok, i just bought my 4th tano today.... and am contemplating the Kami Sutra now... does anyone have this bag?
  2. What did you buy today? Pics please!!
  3. hold on, coming
  4. I have been eying that pink/gold kami sutra combo. I'm kinda glad now I didn't buy it though. At first I was having a hard time not buying it because the combo looked pretty. But I think that style is something that won't last and I think there are better options imo. I might change my mind if anyone has pics though of it in their hand! :graucho:
  5. here you go...

    I didnt get a close up of my Bauhaus - its the black bag in the back

    for some reason it is cutting off the newest member, the mango...
    Butane Jane Tano.jpg Red Tano.jpg Tano Collection.jpg Newest member Mango.jpg
  6. Great collection!!!!! Love it! :tup:
  7. mmm, i tried it again

    sorry, it just doesnt seem to be working
    Newest member Mango.jpg
  8. Pursegal....your killing me....I was being so good till now.....oh no....gotta go order........LOL.

    Beautiful collection......loving the bauhaus!!!!!
  9. That Mango color is AMAZING!
  10. Fab bags.....love 'em cuz they are SO much fun!
  11. Ahhhh....this makes me want to take another trip to Westchester. Did anyone else get a chance to go to the warehouse?