Tano Centerfold?

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  1. Hello purse fiends! After 6 years of being out of school, I've decided to go back to be take some more classes, for fun. I'm looking for a bag that I can use in the office (since I'll still be working full-time) and also take to class. I want something that's roomy enough that I can fit notebooks, and maybe even my laptop occasionally. I work for a casual non-profit company, so I can get away with something non-structured, and I'll be taking art classes, so something unusual and funky is ok, too!

    I've been looking at the Tano Centerfold (in black). Does anyone have this bag and/or know if it's big enough to fit a laptop, and if it's sturdy enough for that kind of use?

    I like that it has the double straps, so I can use the shoulder strap for the office, then use the extended strap as a cross-body for class.

    Another bag that I absolutely love is the Kooba Avery:
    but I'm not sure that's big eough and it only has the shoulder straps. Plus, at $595 it's way out of my price range.

    Any advice, or suggestions of similar bags around the $200-$300 range?

    P.S. I should also add that I did see a couple of the other threads that asked for suggestions for school or work bags, but none really appealed to me. They were either too business-like or out of my price range.
  2. the avery is stunning! sorry :love: kooba :love: hehe

    anywho, sry i can't be of more help, i love that tano too. you have great taste and i bet tanoexpert will come along and give you some tano-ey details soon~ and passerby will probably assist you with some bag choices!
  3. Isn't it? :drool:

    But I can't afford to pay for it AND classes. :Push:
  4. boo! look for it on ebay and authenticate it via the forum!

    there are only 3 but keep ur eyes peeled~!
  5. Hmm...good point! Buying on eBay makes me a little...uncomfortable...though. Quick check....looks like there is one in black, but the seller is only offering a buy it now price of $495 + $26 s/h. I'd almost rather pay the full price from a regular store just to keep my mind at ease that I'm paying for the real thing!
  6. Tano Expert says she won't post here anymore because of a thread this past weekend. Her "reason" for not posting is not something I find valid - but that's not a point of discussion here. But if you really want info on Tano bags - Tano Expert is the one to contact - send her a PM.

    One thing I should comment tho - the Kooba Avery is BEAUTIFUL! But for your intended purposes it will be REALLY HEAVY - I tried it out and I already found it really heavy with just my regular everyday handbag items.

    As for other bags - have you considered the nylon bags by hayden harnett or a brand called Latico as well?

    Latico is made of all leather and they do come up with a lot of nice, functional styles!

    I personally like this tote by hayden harnett - the ibiza tote - its nylon, so if you take art classes it should be easy to clean
  7. Wow, really, she won't post here any more? That's too bad, I like when the "insiders" come here and give us perspectives from the other side of the counter. I wonder what happened (anyone have a link to the thread?).

    I have seen the HH Ibiza. It's one of the ones I'm considering, though given the choice between the leather Tano and nylon HH for the same price, I think I'd lean towards the Tano. Messy-ness isn't a factor (yet). I think the classes I'll be taking will be mostly sketching, illustration and graphic design, but that doesn't mean I won't be taking painting one day!

    Thanks for pointing out the weight of the Kooba. That was one of the worries, that it might cut into my shoulder if I had too much in it.
  8. I don't know if the centerfold is large enough. Reading the dimensions, I would have doubts about it carrying a laptop. I'm sorry to hear Tano Expert won't be posting anymore. I found her comments helpful and insightful.
  9. To be honest - i totally didn't expect that coming - but I must say that it would have eventually came to that conclusion - just something that i didn't expect to come so soon!

    But let's change topic here!

    I also remember that I really like this Hayden Harnett Large Gaza Satchel in the Canvas - I really like the leather one - but at $600+ its way out of the amount I want to pay for it! The Teal/Whiskey is my favourite colour combo for the canvas


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  10. From that link "it's not big enough for my laptop"...BINGO!!! There's my answer. Thanks for posting that.

    At least now I know that I have to find a bag with dimensions bigger than those of the Centerfold. I think the Kooba is about the same size, so it might be a little small, too. I certainly won't be using it AS a laptop bag, I'd just like to be able to drop in my Macbook if I needed to.

    I had no idea all that stuff went down in the other thread with Tano Expert. :wtf: I can see both sides...you don't want a merchant pushing her wares but on the other hand it's nice to have an expert giving insight.

    Time to go take another look at the Hayden-Harnett website to see if they have anything else....

    A couple other awesome bags (that I can't afford in any way) that I came across are Lockheart's Basketweave Shiloh and Hole-in-One Shiloh

    :drool: They look REALLY heavy, though.
  11. I agree totally. Sad too because on any PMs or other emails, she seemed really nice. She got really pissed off but so did a lot of the members.
    Anyway, I looovvee HH - but don't own any!!!!! :sad:
  12. Yes, Alexandra is very nice. I’ve corresponded with her thru email several times, and she even arranged to special order a bag for me.

    I understand that as a seller, Alexandra had a tendency to defend her products, and that annoyed some people here. But I think she got pissed at the fact that some people were criticizing the bags (in less than civilized terms), when some of them haven’t even owned nor used a Tano bag. In that regard, I understand why she no longer posts here.

    In any case, you can probably still contact her through her email address, just go to her website and check it there.
  13. Mockinglee, not sure if the Tano Loveboat appeals to you, but I have one and it fits everything you described and more. I love mine.