Tano Care?

Mar 17, 2007
I think I remember seeing something about Tano care but I don't quite remember where (since the search is disabled).

Does anyone know what sort of waxes or polishes you can put on the bag to renew color? I have apple conditioner and wilson products but I wanted an actual tinted color to put some luster/life back into my bag. The beaujolois color is beautiful but after much use, some parts are more worn then others.

TIA! :smile:
Jul 21, 2006
Regarding crunch leather......in my opinion, I would never treat it. It's so beautiful and I would like it to age by itself. I would just use a soft dampened cloth to remove smudges. I think the leather is easy to care for, and actually, I have been through many, many bags and have never thought to treat them, and I never had any staining problems or problems with smudges I couldn't remove. But, that's just little ol' me.....