Tano Buxom Buddy question

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  1. I bought a NWT Antropologie Tano Buxom Buddy bag on eBay, and I finally received it today. I am generally pretty happy with the bag, but there is a loop missing on one of the straps where the buckle is. I have attached a picture.


    Not sure what to do here. I only paid $71 dollars for the bag, but it is supposed to be new, and I don't consider bag with a missing loop NEW. What should I do? Forget it and enjoy the bag? Ask for a partial refund? I don't know that I should expect a lot of help from the seller because she hasn't responded to any of my e-mails since I bought the bag.

    Thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I had a Buxom Buddy that had a loop just disappear off of it (and I really kind of baby my bags).

    Unless it's going to drive you completely insane I wouldn't worry much about it. You got an amazing deal! Lenny leather is TDF!
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    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Thanks so much, Voodoo! I love the Lenny Leather,too.

    I just noticed it and was like, "WHAT?" If it tends to happen anyway, I guess I should just let it go. I feel like I got a pretty good deal on it, and it probably won't really bother me that much. Perhaps the seller didn't notice it?
  4. The seller may not have noticed. The only reason I noticed mine was when I took 'fine tooth comb' pics when I sold her. :yes:
  5. I have a Buxom Buddy in sangria and I just went and looked. Mine still has all the loops but really for that price if everything else is okay and you like the bag I agree with Voodoo, I wouldn't worry about it!
  6. I hope you guys don't think I am a big nerd for asking this. This is my first TANO, and I have been so excited about getting it and getting to carry it!
  7. ^^Of course not! And congratulations on your first Tano. I'll bet it won't be your last!!
  8. ^^We hardly think that! :hugs: All of us were Tano newbies at some point!!! Enjoy your gorgeous new bag!
  9. Thanks, you guys. You are all so nice here!

    And yes, I'm sure this won't be my last Tano! I may already have my eye on another one ...
  10. ^^There is always "one more" hahahaha :flowers:
  11. That's what I'm afraid of! Just don't tell my husband. Shhhhh!
  12. ^^:roflmfao:
  13. Congrats oboogie and no way, we will never think you're a nerd for asking something about a Tano! Even the seasoned buyers (voodoo!) ask things about leathers, styles, seasons, etc! No worries and yes, welcome to the addiction ;)
  14. ^^Absolutely true....I email my dealer all the time hahaha
  15. I thought you guys might like to know that the lovely seller actually refunded me $11 for the missing loop! Wasn't that cool? Meanwhile, I'm on the lookout for my next Tano!