Tano Buxom Buddy: Opinions Please : )

  1. Hello all!! Alot of you know that I ordered my first Tano bag (the Sexbomb, sill waiting for it to arrive). I'm on the hunt to order another one. I was thinking about the Boogie Bucket, but I saw another bag that really caught my eye. It's called the Buxom Buddy. I love the style and was wondering if anyone has that bag. If not, please tell me what you think of it. I really like that Sangria color too. Here is a pic:

  2. I like the color too, and it looks like it would hold a ton. But to me it looks like a saddle bag and I can't get past that...?
  3. I really like the Buxom Buddy, actually. It's my second choice when it comes to Tano. I really like the Rockapulco also.
  4. I have the same style bag in Bottle Blonde, crunch leather. It's divided into 3 compartments and does hold a lot. I have the same lenny leather in sangria in the goody bag style and the lenny leather is really nice. It is nice, sturdy leather that is soft but not so soft that you have to baby it. The colour saturation is really nice too. HTH.
  5. I also have the SexBomb in tango Red and it is sooooo lovely. Nice vibrant red. I love it. what color did you get in the sexBomb?
  6. very cute. love the color
  7. This is going to sound completely made up but I've been going back to Alex's site for the last three days thinking about ordering this exact bag!!!!!!! hahahaha

    I love it! :tup:

  8. OOOO Post pics!
  9. Man, that is one gorgeous bag! I really kind of like the "saddlebag" look, too! The color can go with anything in the world when you want a casual look.
  10. I ordered it in Tango Red too : ) It should be here Wed. I would love to see pics of yours!!
  11. LOL Great minds think alike Voodoo!! I like the overall look of this bag. Hmmm, decisions decisions!!
  12. Thanks everyone for your opinions. It means alot to me. Nobody else understands my love for purses. Well DH does, but he just doesn't understand lol...
  13. I ordered that bag in a different leather a while back - it was the Stevie Kicks. I liked the shape of the bag, but I did not at all like the raw edges. When you get your bag can you post whether or not yours still has the raw edges or if they've changed that detail? Thanks!
  14. I have this bag in drizzle gray, I just got it last week for my birthday and I LOVE it! This is my first tano bag and I had never seen one IRL, only pictures online so it was a bit of a leap of faith. I'm so glad that I put this bag on my xmas/birthday list, this bag is as amazing as it looked on musthavebag. I was a little unsure due to the mixed reviews that I had read on here about tano bags, I'm glad that I found the threads started by Voodoo about how much she loves her tano bags because they convinced me to get one. Let me find my camera and I'll post pics.
  15. OOHHH some pics of this bag would be GREAT!! Can't wait to see them : )