Tano Bucket Bag?

  1. After getting finding this forum, I thought it was time that I upgrade to better quality bags, namely something slouchy and leather! I'd like to stick to max 200 dollars. I've read good things on the forum about Tano Bags.

    I was thinking of the Tano bucket bag...

    Either: Boogie Bucket Bag in brown or going with white Cooke Bucket. I love the white...but was thinking I should probably get something I can carry year round....

    What do you guys think...anyone owned this? Any other suggestions?
    tano.jpg cookiebucketBRIGHTWHITE_l.jpg
  2. I'm open to any other brands too :smile:
  3. The bag is cute IRL. I saw a woman carrying the Cookie bag in a light tannish color while I was shopping today.
  4. It's really cute, I like it :smile:
  5. Check this link out to Luna Boston-you can use the code "Grechen" for an additional 20% off even on sale items. You can see that there are several bags that are cute and are also on sale-so you could get a screamin' deal!
    Luna Boston | Browse for Tano
    I have ordered from them before and they are great-customer service is excellent! Happy shopping!:yes:
  6. I saw the Tano bags IRL at a boutique near my home... I"m not sure what the "name" of the style was, but it was the bucket style. They were cute - I'm not sure what different sizes they come in, but the ones I saw were HUGE as well!! So they would hold alot of stuff...

    The drop was such that it fit comfortably over your shoulder, and the top slouches a little bit... The leather wasn't what I was expecting, but I have been sucked into the world of bbags, so I don't think anything will ever be the same. *sigh* Luckily, they didn't have the color I was looking for - so I didn't have to decide about getting it... Good luck with your purchase!!:smile:
  7. thanks for the replies!

    luna boston would be a great deal - i'll email them about colours.
  8. I have a Tano bucket bag in a green color ( Lily, from last year) and the leather is gorgeous and light and the bag is adorable. However, I find it hard to use because it doesn't have a big enough inner pocket, so I get the dreaded "black hole" effect. I can't find anything in this bag. If you are more organized than I am, it probably won't be a problem, but I NEED my side pockets. I'm hopeless without them.
  9. I own the Boogie Bucket in black and it's one of my very favorite bags.
    However, I too have a problem with the lack of inner pockets. I try to stay organized but I like to have my carmex, keys and cell phone handy and it doesn't always fit in the one inner pocket.
    Other than that, it's an awesome bag and I will be getting the Flip Side version in Rose Shadow for spring/summer!