Tano Boogie Bucket, Blueprint Blue *pics*!

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  1. My Tano Boogie Bucket arrived today!!! The color is TO DIE FOR.... The leather smells so nice and I am just thrilled overall w/ the bag. Size is great (big without being overwhelming); drop is great (fits over my shoulder without moving around or feeling too tight...and I'm on the 'fluffy' side hehe); and it's slouchy and pouty and has a great red silky lining. The only thing is the cell phone pocket isn't at all fancy or lined, but...it fits my Razr like a glove which made me chuckle. Last, the stitching is clean, the strap and hardware are chunky and sturdy feeling.

    Anyway.... here she is....I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this will not be my last Tano purchase. :heart::heart:

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  2. Voodoo- I love it!! Congrats!!! I was debating on whether or not to buy the blue too but I was worried on how many outfits I would be able to wear with it. What kind of clothes/ colors are you planning to wear with it?
  3. Thanks, jcriley!!! It is a casual color but since I am a construction accountant I'm dressed pretty casually most of the time. I wouldn't wear it for 'date night' w/ Hubby or anything.... hehehe
  4. Wow! That is great looking bag. The color is fabulous!

    I had ordered a vixen van go go in the blueprint and the color looked nothing like your bag. It was like a flat navy blue I was really disappointed. I was expecting the color dimension like yours has.

    I don't know maybe I should try a boogie instead.

    Congrats on your purchase!
  5. What a beautiful color blue! I'm not even a blue fan, and that bag is really striking! Congrats!
  6. Love that bag! Nice blue shade!

    blackwidow, I was thinking maybe you got the other shade of blue tano makes by accident? I did think it was strange that you didn't like it and perhaps you got another shade. I think tano has made about 3 diff shades of darker blue.
  7. The bag looks great! Makes me want a blue bag and I don't like blue bags.
    Blackwidow I got a van go go in the brown shade and it had the same shade variations as the blue only in brown. Maybe something was wrong with yours.
  8. Hmm, I was not aware that Tano makes different shades of deep blue. Maybe that is what happened?

    Sometime I need to go downtown and check out this boutique that sells them or better yet call and see if they carry any bags in blueprint.
  9. Congrats- the color is lovely!
  10. blackwidow: Yes. There was this medium and dark blue shade that did look rather flat. I posted the link to the site to another member since they were interested in the wine boogie bucket and they had those flat shades there so maybe you got one of those shades? I definitely plan to get a blueprint color. I am going to patiently wait for mt kisco's sale before I buy any more tano online! hard, but I want to find good deals first since I need them after all these sales I've been hitting
  11. Looks like it will hold up over time and age well too...just like us!
  12. It looks fantastic! Congrats :smile:
  13. Black widow, this leather is stained by hand. Maybe you just got one that was unusually dull. Usually the crunch leather colors look very rich. If you havent already done so, I would call/email email your retailer and specifically ask if they have another with more tonal variation.
  14. LOVE IT!! Looks Fab! Congrats!
  15. Very cute...the color is really nice.