Tano bags

  1. I love these two Tano bags. Does anyone have this brand, and if so, how is the quality? Please share pictures if you have any. TIA! :smile:
    centerfold.jpg loveboat.jpg
  2. Since I purchased my first Tano bag 6 months ago, I've become a HUGE fan!
    I think the leather is amazing and the quality is terrific.
    I've stuffed my boogie bag at times and it holds up perfectly.

    I'm carrying the Sex Bomb these days and it's SUCH a hot bag.

    I'm loving the new styles and colors for the spring. I've already got my new one picked out.

    This is the Sex Bomb in Red Velvet.



    I don't have pics of the Boogie Bucket on this computer. I'll post them tomorrow from work.
  3. DeAnna, your Tano bag is beautiful, great color! :yes:

    Thanks for sharing your pics.
  4. www.lunaboston carries a lot of Tano handbags. Use the code "grechen" to get an extra 20% off your order along with free shipping!:yes:
  5. never heard of these bags very nice though

  6. I too was curious what the leather felt like, it always looks shiny & stiff. i love their bag styles & would love to get one, but it def depends on the feel of the leather. Can you describe the leather? TIA
  7. I purchased two tano bags a couple of years ago and ended up returning them. I wasn't pleased with the "waxy" look and stiff feel of the leather, but their colors are awesome and cannot be found in the same brilliance on any other bag that I know. One of these days, maybe I'll give them another try. I'm curious to see the new styles... I purchased mine from: musthavebag.com
  8. I love Tano! I've had several of the "crunch" leathers in the Sex Bomb Crunch - I sold a bunch of them, and have kept my 'ocean blue' one. I have the Tano Jet Setter in Fresh Olive as well. A good rule of them is - the crunch leather in both light and dark shades hold up well. They don't hold stains and they're gorgeous. They do have a little shine, but they're pretty. Not stiff at all! Very smooshy in my opinion. The tag leather ones (which I think they're calling something else this coming season) are better left for the darker colors only. As soft and amazing the leather is, you just can't keep those light leathers clean. The spring line is amazing - they just keep getting better and better - and their colors can't be duplicated. It's refreshing to be able to buy good bags that don't cost $800 and up...:rolleyes:
  9. Neither of my "crunch leather" bags are stiff. They're super smooshy and soft.
    I've had the Boogie Bucket the longest and the leather just looks better and better.
    I've decided I'm getting the Flip Side (which looks just like the Boogie Bucket) in Rose Shadow, for spring.

    from Tano
  10. I had 7 Tano Jet Setters in various colors but sold most for wedding money BUT I kept my melon and lime green. They are SO hot I love them. The leather is so sofft. I'm not too hot for the crunch leather tho. I had a sex bomb crunch in ocean and just didn't like it as much as I thought I would. =\
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  12. so i studied the Tano brand religiously after reading so much about them on PF...they seem to come in 3 types of leather currently - the "tag", the "crunch", and the "gentle wash" for the new spring season.

    descriptions from Must Have Bag:

    Italian "tag" leather: buttery soft and lightweight, even toned, with a matte finish.

    Italian "crunch" leather: buttery soft and lightweight, handstained, with rich tonal variation (lighter and darker areas.) Lightly glazed finish.

    Squishably soft, lightweight Italian "gentle wash" leather with some distressing, subtle pebbly grain and matte finish.


    i'm not usually a big fan of patent or glazed leather, but the rose shadow looks REALLYYYY pretty so i dunno...but right now i'm loving the Love Boat in celeste blue~
  13. Ladies, check out Welcome To That's Our Bag! They have previews of spring Tanos, and they have got a GREAT selection of bags and colors coming. Some of them have dimensions, some don't..but the pricing seems to be a bit better than some other places I've seen...
  14. DeAnna - I love that bag in rose. May I ask where you can order it in that color? Thanks!
  15. So far, I've seen it at That's Our Bag and Must Have Bag told me they can special order it for me with a small deposit.