Tano bags!

  1. lunaboston has some great deals! which tano bags are your favorites, least faves? i've never seen them IRL.
  2. I only have 1 tano--a dragon queen in red laquer. I really love the style and so far it has worn really well. I don't know if I would buy another tano though
  3. Marmi shops carry the Tano bags...after seeing them IRL they are not for me...:confused1:
  4. Since you love the style and it's worn well, I am curious why you wouldn't buy another one??:confused1:
  5. My favorites are the Sex Bombs - and have several in different colors.
    Love love love these bags!
    Check out other links like "Tano?" - lots of opinions to say the least!
  6. If it helps you, the top 5 Tano bags in my store are :

    1. boogie bucket
    2. sex bomb (TPF fave)
    3. bottle blonde
    4. stevie kicks
    5. hollywould

    The new Fall collection will start shipping to stores end of July. At this point you may want to wait, since there are so many gorgeous new styles! Tano hasnt posted them on their website yet, though, so I cant post any here or on my website.
  7. As I said, I really love the style and look of my tano, but I just think the leather is kind of thin and not the best quality. But the style of my bag has the cracked ice leather, which is totally different than any of my other bags. There were also a few blemishes on the leather when I recieved the bag, not obvious though because of the texture of the leather.
  8. I can't wait for the fall collection of Tanos! I was sure I was just going to order a blue shoulder bag in something like the crunch leather, but the Lenny leather looks so amazing that I may have to change my tune, depending on what they put out. I was really, REALLY tempted to special order a Sex Bomb in the Lenny leather, but it is just simply too big for me, I think.

    I found a Miss Congeniality in red (more like a paprika color) in a boutique near here, and she has been my favorite bag ever since!
  9. I remember the tag leather from last season was incredibly soft, but you needed to keep them in the darker shades - just to make sure stains wouldn't show. I'm actually parting with a couple of my sex bombs that I've had (they're still brand new) but plan on buying more in the Fall....it's always like a revolving door with me. I don't mind the crunch leather. It lasts and ages beautifully. I'm a Tano appreciado! :p