Tano Bags - Why are they so popular?

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  1. Hey there- you are right about Tano being a family business (its 3rd generation now) and that Tano bags are sturdy and great looking, but the EU thing is not correct. Tano has two factories: one in China and one in India. They have very high standards in their factories in terms of working conditions and they pay their workers very well. There are no child laborers, etc. of course! The leather is imported from Italy, and the hardware from Japan.

    Most designer bags are made in Asia now, like you said, because the labor is cheaper and there is a large pool of highly skilled hand craftsmen there. But whereas other designers charge exhorbitant mark ups on their bags, Tano passes on the savings to its customers!
  2. so...which tano do you recommend? i like funky, hardware and durable...
  3. Oooh Tano Expert... this is a side that don't expect from you... given that your store is so organized :graucho:

    How do you find your Down Low? I have a friend considering that bag actually...
  4. Go with Tano, because you can be more adventurous when you are spending less than $200 on a Tano than when you are buying a Prada for $800. Take the opportunity to try something more funky and colorful... it could be a fresh new look for you! (I really dont know your style...Im guessing here!) A true accessory makeover!

    Why not a bright red sexy terry?
    or a black eye do?
    or an emerald Hollywould?

    You'll be raking in the compliments for carrying such unique, bold accessories!
  5. My business is very organized. Its my personal life that is disorganized!

    Down low is a great little bag for the bare essentials (wallet, cell, glasses, keys, gum and a little makeup) but you cant fit much more than that. I use it everyday.

    Girls- Im signing off. Goodight!
  6. I always wanted a Tano until I saw a bunch in real life. NO WAY! Not my style. I thought they looked like vinyl or plastic, but that's just my opinion. I wasn't crazy about the lining inside, either. Looked flimsy and cheap. I can do better for $200!
  7. ^^ I have to agree. While I think it's great that so many people seem to love their Tanos, I was really surprised when I saw them IRL. The leather was super thin and stiff, and one of the bags was really scratched up. Also, I feel like they try to replicate a lot of designers - eg. the Love Boat is so close to Gerard Darel 24 bags. There are a couple others that I've seen that are similar to other designer bags too, but I can't remember at the moment.
  8. WOW! I didn't think I'd get such a response!

    tano expert - I didn't realize that you owned the Must Have Bags website - I like the site, but can I make a suggestion? I'd luv to see a little bit closer up shots of the bags. I can't get a good "feel" for the leather by the pics provided (altho I like the idea of showing how the bag looks when carried).

    I think I'd have to see these bags IRL before I made a decision. I don't think this is one of those bags I can see online and just know instantly that it's a bag I'd want to carry (like when I first HH bags - I knew immediately that I just had to have one!)

    I don't like how the leather looks in all the pics I've seen - but if the bags are made to age quickly, that could change the appearance soon after buying it. The leather looks kinda shiny, and I don't really like that kind of look (I prefer a more matted or flat leather). But I can see why so many people really like these bags after reading all the responses to this thread.

    Thanks for all of your comments!
  9. They do look a little stiff, but they sound like they soften up pretty quickly. The thinness could be a big plus - look at Balenciaga bags. That's one of the reasons so many people like those bags. The thin leather causes the bag to weigh a lot less than other thicker bags. Even Anna Corinna - those bags are super thin too, and look how popular those are!
  10. Again, this is just my humble opinion, but that shiny, lightweight "thin" leather look also makes it look like PLEATHER in real life. I just can't imagine blowing $200 for a fake looking bag when I could get an even nicer bag elsewhere for the same price, like ESSE, for example.
    Or even an Ellen Tracy on sale.
  11. that terry style looks kind of cute.

    new to this area - hi all! thought i would investigate other areas of this forum. i've never heard of this bag before - where would you find it? as someone else said, it does look like pleather - does anyone own one? besides tano expert, obviously. it would be cute as a throw around bag, like for the gym or someplace super casual...
  12. I have the Sexy Terry in Camaro Blue - I actually did a special order with Tano Expert to get this colour. I like how it is different from everyday black, yet it is neutral enough to go with everything!

    Its patent leather - so its really shiny leather - basically patent leather is leather with a coat of plastic over it.

    I love this bag! Its light, it fits everything, its durable - I have bumped into corners and such and still intact. It has seen the rain and because of the plastic coating - no harm was done!

    One thing I really am not happy about is that the fabric they used for lining is not the greatest - I think I already found a hole in my lining :push:
  13. tanobag.com lists stores that carry Tano. I've been to one myself, and unfortunately it's hit or miss as far as whether a shop will have a particular style.
  14. ok haha i need to share my feelings

    i love the colors of the crunch leather but when i saw it in person i KNEW it would never be for me i didnt like the feel, the look, anything :sad:

    BUT i did buy a festoon which is an older style and its i believe i was told lamb leather, very soft and smooth and VERY attractive

    BUT i have to say i am not impressed at all in the craftsmanship

    the zippers seem reallly like sticky and cheap, AND worse i used it one day and already found a spot on it where the leather like came off! like not a hole through the bag but a little spot/hole where the top layer of leather has come off (very small but bugs the #$#$ out of me!)

    SO i only paid $147 for it, which is a lot less then most of my bags BUT its still not $25 and so for that i think in one days use it should not have done this

    ive decided that it will be my toss around bag and that if anything happens i am just going to be ok with it but i am sort of bummed cause its SOSOOSSOSO soft and smooth and not like the crunch or colorful leathers at all but VERY VERY thin leather and i just hope that doesnt happen anymore :sad:
  15. I like the color of that bag Slush - and you're right, it looks completely different than any of the current styles that I saw on the Tano site and/or Must Have Bags. It doesn't look quite so shiny. I thought that maybe it was the lighting used for the pics (that made the bags looks so shiny), but it seems that several people have said that they really are that shiny IRL.
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