Tano Bags - Why are they so popular?

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  1. I see so many threads and posts here about Tano bags, but I've never seen one IRL. The pics of them that I have seen don't look like they're any big deal (to me). Am I missing something? What is it about these bags that makes them so popular?

    I just read (in another thread) that a store here in Chicago, That's Our Bag, carries these, but I've never seen anything really nice there, other than a few Brighton bags. The rest were all look-a-like designer styles (I remember when jelly bags were wildly popular - they had these bags in every color/style imaginable!!).

    Is it the price that makes Tano bags so popular? Are the leathers and other materials that they use a great quality for the price? Why do so many of you luv them so much?
  2. Well for me, I like how it has a some style but their prices are under $200 for most bags. And they are fully lined and all leather. (Unfortunately the bags that suits me best are those over $200 :Push:smile:

    Its a good everyday bag for me because its subtle and it dosen't look "branded" and I can take it to work without being too flashy.
  3. Tano bags have a lot of style, and are very well made from distinctive Italian leathers. The colors are also wonderful- bolder than most designer bags.

    Tano bags hold their own against any other designer bags. In fact, Bergdorf Goodman's head handbag buyer told Tano's designer that his bags "eat Marc Jacob's lunch" and that Kooba and Fiore bags look "washed up" next to Tano's bags. (I was there, its true!) The price is also very affordable, at around $200. Of course, I'm not biased or anything!!!! (In full disclosure, I'm the exclusive authorized dealer)
  4. I think they have very fresh designs and fabulous colors. I don't own a lot of them (yet!), but I think they are a fantastic value. And I love how every season their designers come out with something completely new and different. Really, there are not too many handbag designers that take big risks season to season.
  5. Do all of their bags have stiffer leather, or are some softer? I went to a boutique here that had them, but the ones they had were stiffer leathers.
  6. Tano has a range of leathers. (This season, they have 6: ice, cloud, crunch. old master, woven and gentle wash.) They dont really do any "stiff" leathers, pretty much only soft. Some of their more constructed bags may seem a bit stiff, but thats not the true character of Tano bags.

    It's true, most designers keep churning out the same old stuff each season, just in new colors or sizes. Tano, on the other hand, repeats only their top 6-8 styles from the previous season, and introduces 50-70 NEW styles. Thats unheard of! You should see the designer. Poor guy, hes thin as a rail!
  7. tano expert...i've heard some things about tano bags not holding up so well...can you tell me something about them? i think they're GREAT looking, but, i'm hard on my bags and was wondering why some are so negative about them..(comments on tpf)...
  8. The reason why I like Tano is for their leather. The one I have is the Gerard, which is their "crunch" leather (I believe) from a few seasons back. The leather on my bag really looks/feels more like goat/kidskin than calfskin. I love how my bag has softened and grown slouchier in such a short time. (my pics are posted elsewhere on this forum).
  9. I have had a "purse problem" for more than 30 years, but currently my only "designer bags" are Balenciagas and Tanos -- equal amounts of the two.

    I have Tano "crunch" and "crackle" bags that I am not crazy about, but honestly for ~$200, the style and quality is great, just not my taste.

    OTOH, my tag and cloud leather Tano bags see equal time in the rotation with my bals & I find them both to be equally stylish.
  10. Songofthesea, I've been posting here for a few months now, and I've seen tons of positive feedback on Tano bags and heard very few complaints. Workmanship and/or material defects can and do sometimes occur in Tano bags, as well as in much higher priced brands (like Kooba, Darel, HH, Biasia, Fiore, etc.) As an example, my mom has a chanel clutch, and the clasp broke after she used it a few times.

    How do Tano bags wear? Well, that depends upon what your expectations are, and how you treat your bags. Tano leathers are designed to age quickly, getting that great "vintage" look with use. Some people might not expect or like that, and think that their bag "isn't wearing well." Do you know what I mean? Also, keep in mind that some people alternate their bags daily/weekly, clean & condition them often, spray them, store them properly & maintain them meticulously. Whereas other people buy a new bag and carry it every single day for 6 months, allowing it to get dirty, stained and scuffed. Taking this into consideration, how can you generalize that ANY brand does, or doesnt, "wear well?"
  11. tano expert..thanks so much for your explanation...i realized after i read it that i am loving my bags to DEATH!!! literally! i spend a ton of money on them and then put them on the floor of the car, the floor at work, the teacher's lounge floor, etc...i keep all the dustbags but don't use them...i fall in love with a new bag, buy it and then wear it to death...you are right about other bags...i have a few koobas and when i bought a new one a few months ago i had to have a cardiac ultrasound (i'm fine) and while i was picking up my bag to go into the changing room a rivet FELL OFF...it was brand new!!! i also bought a salvatore ferragamo and the zipper broke w/in the first 2 months...balenciaga...the tassels were a problem...so thanks for what you said...it will help me next time i get a bag!!!
  12. I hate to sound like a Tano salesperson, but my SO & I have had some pretty intense discussions about my handbag habit lately and he is actually encouraging me to buy more Tanos (if I *must* have more bags).

    The reasons:

    1. They are a family owned business.

    2. The Tano bags that I have seem to be indestructible. I know it sounds sort of wacky for a girl with a purse habit to also be an environemntalist, but it is true. A handmade bag, made in an EU country by union workers is a product that is purchased once, but used for many years.

    3. Many so-called *designer* bags are made in china or other third world countries, if one (like me) cares about labor rights, Tano is guilt free.

    4. Everything else aside, these are GOOD LOOKING bags. I live in a profoundly unfashionable area. No one recognizes by bals, but I get compliments every time I carry a Tano.
  13. There you go! Now you've seen the light.

    Ill let you in on a litle secret...Im a messy, disorganized type, not a neat freak at all. I buy something that I love & use it all the time, beat it up and give it away a few months later. I dont take good care of my things. Right now my orange sorbet down low messenger bag (by Tano, needless to say) has coffee stains all over the back of it, and spilled foundation inside one of the front pockets. Do I attempt to clean the leather and handwash the lining? No way- Ill just get a new bag in July!
  14. Thanks for starting this thread. I've just gotten into designer handbags but don't have the budget for the really high end stuff. I have read good things about Tano, and being concerned about buying goods manufactured in China (or abusive labor practices in general), I am glad to hear they have high standards.

    Now, what about smaller items?! I'm on the lookout for a good wallet and business card holder and was only able to find one wallet... Is there anything else out there?!
  15. okay tano expert!!! i'm turning 50 in october...(but i act like i'm 12) i spend about 600-800 on a bag...i wanted to treat myself to a prada on my 50th...tell me why i should get a tano instead and which one do you recommend?
    (i'm quite enjoying this!)
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