Tano bags on irvs.com real?

  1. I'm trying to buy a Mona Lethal Tano bag and irvs.com has one in red except it's listed as MORE Lethal. Could be a typo or does this site sell fakes? TIA!

  2. I've never personally shopped on this website but it's not likely that these bags are counterfit Tano's. Their price point is such that there's no money to be made by making fakes. You are probably going to be just fine buying a Tano from them. :yes:

  3. Your reply made me feel a bit better so I started ordering the bag. When I went to checkout, I got the certificate invalid warning which always makes me wonder about a website so now I have more doubt and I aborted for now. But I really wanted the Mona Lethal in a fall color! I just ordered it in black from Musthavebag.com but I fear having yet another black bag (the other spring colors are too much for me in a larger bag). So now I don't know what to do....
  4. I know that you will find musthavebag.com has GREAT customer service so don't be afraid to email Alex there! :yes: She's the ONLY person I buy my beloved Tano bags from.
  5. I get that feeling too, to buy from only from the authorized site. I'm sure I will love the black Mono Lethal and if so, will keep it and wait for some other color down the road to get, maybe in the fall. I just felt so boring getting a Tano bag in black when there are all these other colors but the spring ones just aren't my thing.