TANO BAGS---need opinions!

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  1. Ok, I have heard a lot about Tano bags but I have never purchased one.
    I am a nanny and I don't make much money, so anything I buy I will have to wear for quite a while before I can afford another one.
    I have two questions for those of you who have bought and carried TANO bags:
    1. Are they good quality and do you think they hold up well considering the price?
    2. I am 32. Do you think TANO is too "edgy" or modern for someone my age? Please be honest!
    Your opinions are much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  2. I've never seen one in person, but I've heard great things about their leather, and quality. As far as being too edgy, I don't think they are at all. I'm 35, and I'd definitely wear them. Which one were you thinking about buying?
  3. Thanks so much for your reply!!!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: It's called "The Romantic," style number 3388 or "The Boogie Bucket," style number 9897. What do you think?
  4. I loooove the boogie bucket! The Romantic is cute, too. I like a big hobo bag for every day. Which colors are you looking at?
  5. I love all the colors!!!! And like you, I am leaning towards the Boogie Bucket.
    I definitely don't want to go with black or brown....too boring.
    The orange is kind of fun, but maybe that limits me since it's kind of bright. I don't know!
    I prefer a color that I can wear all year long if need be.
    What do you think?
  6. I love the color blue, it would be a toss up between the caribbean and the cobalt. Although I bet the sky blue is gorgeous, too!
  7. :yes: I love the carribean & cobalt in Tano bags too!!! It's definately going on my wishlist!!!
  8. Good suggestions, ladies! Thank you!
    I think the cobalt would be a good choice! I might just break down and buy one! YIKES!
    Thanks for your responses.
  9. I recently ordered a Tano bag, but haven't received it yet, so I can't vouch for the quality just yet. I've read only good things about the brand on here though, and Tano has a good warranty policy as stated on Must Have Bag (the authorized online dealer of Tano):
    "We stand by our products, and we will be happy to repair any hardware or workmanship defects for up to 1 year from the original date of purchase."

    I like that their bags are really reasonably priced and come in tons of great styles and colors. I don't think they're too edgy for your age group, especially if you stay away from some of the flashier colors.

    I really like the Boogie Bucket in Military (deep olive green). I think that color can work all year long. There will apparently be a price increase next month, so you'd be getting a deal if you order soon.
    tano bag details including dimensions color and price

    I also really like the Loop di Loop style, which I think is elegant yet fun. Plus, it's reduced from 225 dollars to 149 dollars on musthavebag.com!
  10. I have three Tano bags and consider the quality and workmanship to be in the same category as my balenciaga bags. I LOVE their "tag leather" bags, they are soft as butter:yahoo:
  11. I'm definitely investing in some Tano bags for spring~ Now if I could just narrow it down to 3 or 4:push:
  12. I recently acquired two Tano bags and I love them, they are a lot lighter weight than my Isabella Fiore or Hayden Harnett bags and they look great. They are also a lot less expensive.
  13. As a Tano Boogie Bucket owner, I can vouch for their quality.
    I bought the Boogie Bucket during the summer and recently purchased the Sex Bomb.
    I love them both but I can speak for the Boogie Bucket better because I've owned it longer.
    Nearly everyday I am amazed by the quality and the durability.
    I love the slouchiness of the bucket but I sometimes have to shove a ton of things in it to get from car to door with my dogs and all my junk.
    The leather on the outside is light and lovely but it's the leather and the hardware on the straps that I'm impressed with the most. It is so thick and sturdy and the shoulder strap is super comfortable.

    I'd say go for it! I think you'll be another Tano addict!
  14. You gals are THE BEST!
    Thank you so very much for telling me about your Tano bags. I have been looking at their site on and off all day long, and I am convinced that the Boogie Bucket is the one for me. Thanks to all of you, and DeAnna thanks for telling me about your boogie bucket. I like that it fits tons of things b/c I usually end up carrying a book and a compact umbrella with me (gosh, Vancouver is rainy!), not to mention all the regular stuff we carry around with us in our purses.
    Now I just have have to decide b/w cobalt and Military (great suggestion, Dev!) This is going to be a tough decision!
  15. I am 32 also- that's like the new 22!! We're still young girl! Buy it, rock it and love it!