Tano Bags at South Moon Under

  1. So cute! Thanks for posting!
  2. Thanks! I just grabbed the Sex Bomb.
  3. Me too! Thanks!
  4. wow that's some awesome deals!
    thanks for providing that great find!
  5. Love the red bag if only it were in black, dang it! Thanks for posting such great deals.
  6. I really like the blue braided handle bag! I read (on tpf) that there is a difference between the different leather finishes- crunched, cracked, etc. This bag isn't on musthavebags for me to get a full description. Is anyone familiar with it? Thanks for the link!
  7. nseastar, last weekend I was at one of the South Moon Under stores and saw the braided handle bag which I think is called Fat Cat in celeste blue (after checking out www.tanobag.com for pics and styles). It's the cloud leather which, from what I could tell, is softer and not quite as shiny as the crunch leather (crunch is my favorite Tano leather). The bag is really lightweight and slouchy.
  8. aaargh...i can't find their shipping policy.
    does anyone know if they ship to Canada?
    tenmosquito - did you end up ordering from them - and if so,what method of shipping do they use and how much is it?
  9. I have a Fat Cat braided handle bag in green, the leather's kinda distressed and not very shiny. I really like mine.
  10. Thank you so much! I have never seen a Tano IRL but that color is so pretty and for the price I might have to go for it.