Tano Bag.. Which color? Please help!

  1. Could you all tell me which color you like best? The first is "olive drab" & the second is "natural". I'm torn..
    3083_l.jpg safarinatural.jpg
  2. I like the natural. Especially for spring and summer. I have had bags in that color and thought they would get wrecked, but they never did. And I'm not careful!
  3. Thanks, yes, I'm looking for a cute "throw around" bag to take on vacation. I just love the design of this bag..
  4. They're both really nice! You wouldn't go wrong with either one. If you already have bags in the natural color I'd go for the olive-it's a nice color and perhaps more unique. But, you might be able to use the natural with more outfits. It depends on how neutral you need it to be. Sorry, maybe that wasn't much help;) I guess I'd go with the olive if you don't need it to match everything in your wardrobe.
  5. I really like them both but I suppose #1 would be more practical and easier to keep clean. I might like #2 just a tad more though.

    Real helpful. :lol:
  6. those are really pretty bags! i like both colors but i think i would go for the "natural"!
  7. Tough one! I think the olive would be easier to keep clean particularly on a trip.
  8. I like the natural
  9. Acegirl, I like both colours but prefer natural. So unless you're a careless person, perhaps you should go for natural :biggrin:

    Please post pics and report on quality of leather etc. Thanks.
  10. i like the style, it seems to be very practical....the 'natural' colour is my favourite!:flowers:
  11. I like natural better but that might be because olive and drab looks too dark in the picture. I would think it's much prettier in person.
  12. I love that Tano :heart: I want the Recliner (I think its called) too. I vote for the natural color.
  13. Natural