Tano Bag "Miss Understood"?

  1. Alright I've finally decided on my everyday bag but I'm a bit confused, as Tano has 3 different bags with 3 differnet names, but their images on websites are exactly the same. I think I read somewhere some of their bags have the shiny leather so I wanna make sure they're more of a matte finished, here are the bags:

    Miss Understood

    Sexbomb Crunch

    And The Jet Setter


    The sizes of all three are different every page and the Miss Understood is always a tiny more expensive on all the sites I go to. I just don't know what the difference is and I was wondering if anyone here knows because I'd love to order one today!
  2. The Jet Setter has the more matte leather and the sexbomb crunch is the shinier leather; both are the same size. I think MisUnderstood has slightly smaller dimensions.
  3. I thought it would be something as simple as that. I wonder why Miss Understood is always more expensive if it's smaller. o.o Thanks a lot!:yahoo:
  4. i love the color on miss understood.
    it's lovely!
  5. Well I just purchased a Jet Setter in BRUSCIATO! I wanted the wheat but u can't find it anywhere and that color is lovely as well. =D I got a 10 percent discount on it, only 10 dollar shipping and cost me a total of 155! My first designer bag, I'm thrilled!
  6. ^ did you buy it online?
  7. Yeah! Looks like I got the last one in that color too, all they have left is green (which is also nice, but I wanted a neutral color) I got it at Welcome To That's Our Bag! . All the Tano's were on sale plus a 10 percent discount until 10/31 on top of that! Nice!:nuts:
  8. lucky you! post pictures when you got it! :smile:
  9. WCLC is right..the sexbomb is the crunch "shiny" leather; the jet setter is soft matte leather, and the miss understood is a pebble leather. they are all the same size.. The Miss Understood is a fall bag and part of the overall price increases I'm seeing in most every line of bag has also hit Tano..that's why it's more expensive that the other 2, which are carry overs from Spring. I think you will LOVE your new bag; I bought the smooch bag in scarlet red and that leather is so light and soft, I just adore it.
  10. hi

    All 3 bags are in fact the same exact size but misunderstood is made of the new washed leather, which is a bit more expensive. Also sex bomb has silver hardware and the jet setter and miss understood have brass. Jet setter and misunderstood are matte leather and sex bomb has some shine. Trust me, I'm an expert- I sell Tano bags online and work for Tano part time at their trade shows.( Not plugging for my website, though.)
  11. It's super cute, but it looks heavy? Is it?
  12. I am very, very glad that they didn't have any colors left other than green -- I really need to stop buying Tano bags!

    The soft leather is so wonderful
  13. I'm so excited for you!! :yahoo: show us pictures of your new baby!! :love:
  14. Oh, I was wrong about the type leather!
    Tano expert...can you ask Tano to put bag sizes on their website? I see several I would love to have, but can't tell how big they are...I'm specifically interested in the 3285 Fourth Floor and 3295 Deep Pockets bags......thanks!
  15. Wow guys thanks so much for the info! I'm sooo excited! I'll definately post pics! Someone asked a good question about whether or not Tano bags are on the heavy side. Does anyone know? :nuts: