1. heyhey!

    I"ve never tanned inside (on a bed or stall) but I go to the beach EVERYDAY.:yahoo: I can't imagine spending my summer anyother way.

    Anyway, I've been working on my tan, although I'm fair skinned so I have to be careful. I use a lot of sunscreen but I have a nice golden color already.

    Has anyone ever used baby oil to quicken the tanning process?
    I also do some topless tanning in my back yard because I can't do that on the beach. So, my boobs need a little boost... hehee.

    What do you guys use to speed the process?
  2. I don't know if that would work..if you do try it, tell us all if it works or not.
  3. umm i heard about this and when i quizzed my mum over it she told me never to do that, its like cooking yourself
  4. Baby oil is basically like frying your skin. It would be pointless to wear sunscreen if you use baby oil. It's a really bad idea, and a great way to give yourself skin cancer.
  5. I have very fair skin and don't intentionally tan anymore. If I am out in the sun I wear 30 spf sunscreen and I always use spf hand lotion, makeup, etc. Even then, I don't tan...I maybe get a little pink and then it peels.

    I had too many bad burns as a teen, some of which were from trying to kick start an attempt at a 'tan' with baby oil. So I just hope and pray I won't have skin problems as I get older and am super careful now.
  6. I don't tan either. With all the information out there about skin cancer (especially with the reports that skin cancer is on the rise in teenagers & 20-somethings), it's really not worth it. My Aunt had to have half of the skin on her face removed last week because of skin cancer. She's had one round of plastic surgery to try and restore her face, and she's going to need more. She used to do the baby oil thing, and now she's paying the price.
  7. With fair skin - baby oil is a no-no. I had a couple of friends out on the boat over Memorial Day weekend. The goof balls - so early in the season using baby oil. They both ended up blistered even though the lady had been to the tanning bed for nearly 3 weeks before. Baby oil, as innocent as it seems is a serious sun ray amplifier.

    I like to use the indoor tanning lotions outside - after I have a good base.

    * edit - you all used to me fixing my typos yet? haha*
  8. a good idea is to use tan accelerators, like a tanning lotion. i go to tanning salons (even though the beach is RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from the salon), mainly for privacy and i dont wanna go to the beach right now with all the hotties and my flabbies. lol. yes i'm embarrassed by my flab and keg-pack. so for the time being, i'm doing the salons and getting tanned without the real sun... i've read up on a lot of the tanning salon stuff so i can pretty much defend myself on all the "salons are bad for you, cooking yourself, just inject uv rays why dont you" crap.

    haha. anyways.. go get tanning accelerators.
    this is the one i use (though i feel dumb that my salon charged me $50 for it, and this site is frickin less than half!):
    Designer Skin Tao (13.5 oz)
  9. oh, also.. if you go to the beach a lot, your skin should be producing a very good amount of vitamin D, so if you do decide to go to a tanning salon, use a low or medium pressure bed/stall (i made the mistake of skipping directly to high pressure first >_< ) first and then go to high pressure if you want to get color faster. but yea, use the low/medium pressure beds/stalls, with the Tao accelerator, and you should get some good results within a day.
  10. St.Tropez tanning products are the HOTTEST!! You can check out several websites


    It will not cause you skin cancer, wrinkles or anything else.
  11. thanks for the wisdom Ladies!

    I know the harmful effects of the sun, my grandfather died of skin cancer. I always wear sunscreen, especially on my face, but I'm a teenager. I can't help but want that sexy tan look. (Or least can't help but not want tan lines...!)

    anyway, when I was out today I forgot to pack the baby oil (thankfully) and saved my precious skin a little bit. :yes:
  12. yer i agree with DIORGIRLZ about using St tropez or something similiar, however you said your fair skinned does that mean your pale skinned too, it might not work out quite well if you do it youself (speaking from experience) i recently used fake bake and its so much better or go get a spray tan done.
  13. oh, and also, my friend uses this stuff and recommends it highly to anyone with fair pale skin..

    it's called Jergens Natural Glow and it's like the the neutrogena bronzer stuff but doesn't streak, doesn't orange, or anything.. it looks really good on. :smile:
  14. Yeah, but Fake Bake and St.Tropez are both great!!!!! If you follow the instruction carefully before you start. But the important thing is you need to exfoliate your body, of course, and your face! Scrub it as hard as you can! You will look hottt in tan! It will last like 2 weeks... :o)

    P.S.- you have to be patient and re-apply it for 3 nights and you will become a golden-girly!!
  15. Thanks Girls, self bronzers are a much better idea!

    (and what I usually use in the winter...)