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  1. I know it is really bad to fake bake in a bed but how many of you guys do it? and if you do it how often do you go?

    I have been going for at least once a week for about four years (I am bad :sad:)
  2. Even though I'm a florida girl, i do go tanning once in a while...whenever i feel a bit of a pick me up. I also do mystic tanning & it's ok, but it does get a bit flakey/orangey if you're not careful.

    When i do go tanning, though, i put a high sunblock around the corners of my eyes. not that it justifies the bake, but, hey...maybe less crow's feet for the future :smile:
  3. I know I shouldn't but I totally tan 2 times per week. when I have an event to go to I usually jump in for a medium mystic tan 3 days before the event. To help with agespots and wrinkling, I use SPF on my face.

    I tried the no-tan approach, but I just look soooo sickly and unhealthy without bronze skintone :sad:
  4. i used to tan all the time (3-4x a week)...but then i noticed even applying lotion more often than usualy my skin wasn't as soft. i was also noticing more moles and freckles. :sad: the moles scared me so i stopped...but i miss it so so so much. lying in the bed is so relaxing, especially when it's cold outside. i like the tan look more, but can't stand the paranoia. :biggrin:
  5. I LOVE the tan look on others! I am SO white though that a tan would look funny on me. So, I've never been to a tanning salon...:sad:
  6. I used to be a huge advocate... not anymore. It is funny though, people know how bad certain things are for them and still do it... :graucho:

    But when I'm down in Fl, I def soak up some rays!! :yes:
  7. I tried giving it up. I put eye cream every night and day (I'm 27 better now to start then later). I also tried the Lubriderm skin tinting lotion for face and I think it was causing me to break out. I think i have noticed more moles on my body but I have been checked out and I think because the tanning forces me to scrutinize my body I just noticed them more.

    I tried the Mystic tan too but nothing beats laying in that warm bed listening to music.
  8. no fake bake for me better no tan at all the paler the better as a tan always and ever looks cheap and tacky like you have to work under the sun :hrmm: but i guess its a cultural thing so please don´t be offended :flowers:
  9. I tan about 3-4 times a week a couple of months in the year. I know it's bad but being tan makes me feel better about myself, not to mention that it makes my stomach look thinner.
  10. I know I shouldn't but I do go once a week, I actually don't tan my face, I use self tanner on my face
  11. this is the first summer in years that I am NOT tanning - have to stop it sometime as I know it has led to more moles, freckles, and can lead to increased risk of skin cancer - at the very least, can lead to "leather skin" when I am older.

    It is hard, I love being tan in the summer - :cry: - I am using the Jergens subtle-self-tannr lotion. It actually works okay, and does not streak/blotch/stink. (or maybe this is just what I am telling myself.) :graucho:
  12. I don't tan b/c my dads business partner goes tanning a couple times a week & he ended up with skin cancer (maybe it wasn't caused by the tanning but I'm not taking any chances). He had the skin removed & he still goes tanning!
  13. I go 1-2 times per week (some weeks not at all) but I don't tan my face in the bed (I use one of the tinted face moisturizers to balance it out).

    I know it isn't the best, but outside of my 2 Diet Cokes a day, it's my only bad habit. Plus, it really helps keep my skin clear.
  14. I've tried tanning beds but for some reason I don't get tan. I can sit outside in the sun and get a nice golden-brown but when I try to get a tan from a tanning booth I just get a very light tan no matter how many times I go. So in the winter I am a weird olivy-pale color and in the summer a golden brown from the sunshine.

    Since we haven't had much sun lately in the northeast I've been using the jergen's body glow lotion - haven't noticed much of a change yet though...
  15. I agree :yes: