Tanning salons.....

  1. Is it really dangerous???what do you guys think????And how often can you go over there???I mean once in 2 days,once a week????thank you
  2. yes it's dangerous (there's a very real risk of skin cancer....not to mention sunburns, premature aging, freckles and weird moles developing, and infections from improperly cleaned beds.) but i still do it :shame: i figure everything gives you cancer now a days....not going to stop me from doing the things i like. i go 3-4x a week (every other day-ish) for three or four months, get tired of it because it's so expensive, stop for six months, get tired of being cold and pale, then start the whole cycle over.

    use a lotion so your skin doesn't dry out....and if cancer really scares you or runs in your family, get the mystic (the booth spray tan). that's what i would do if there were one near me.
  3. Its sooo dangerous! But like ilzabet said everything gives you cancer! When I go, I try to go 2 times a week, It keeps a nice steady color if you want to get dark 3-4 times a week with breaks in between (atleast i try to have breaks in between)
  4. ^^ This sounds exactly like me.

    Yes... it is dangerous. My mom tells me not to go, my husband doesn't want me to go... however, I just started a new tanning package in our new location after not tanning for a year.

    I've tanned since I was in 8th grade, for about 9 years. Then, shortly after we got married and we started moving around everywhere - I stopped tanning due to the hassle & his requests no to...

    Right now, I have alot of time off - since grad school is half-time in the summer... he is at work alot... and I'm tired of being a bit "fluffy" AND pale... I can't have both. So tanning seemed like the natural solution. (Well, that and I'm starting to go to the gym with a buddy next week. ;))

    ilzabet hit the nail on the head... You go through cycles of how much you want to do it, however if you've been tanning as long as I have, its something relaxing to me - its not just about the tan. Also, a word of advice - I stopped using "lay-down" tanners a few years ago... these days I stick to stand ups. Not only do you get a more even tan, but you stand a chance of them being *ahem* cleaner....

    Right now, I'm tanning every weekday and taking Saturdays & Sundays off. I tan for less then full time when I do that though... I do regular beds the first 4 days, and then do the super VHR bed on Friday (a different type of bulb, only UVA rays so you get darker). Use a tanning lotion, it helps your skin & helps you to tan faster. I also put regular lotion on after I get out, it just gives my skin a bit more moisture...

    When we moved here, I originally wanted to find someplace that had the spray tan - but couldn't find it anywhere close enough. So if you can find one of those... I would suggest that. No need to get hooked on tanning beds if you're not hooked already... :smile:
  5. I go about once a week. I know that I shouldn't, but like Bags4Bubbles, I got tired of being fluffy and pale... :p I also use a gradual self-tanner lotion and make sure to get outside a lot. My skin tone is a nice color right now. Not too pale, but not fake-n-bake orange either!
  6. Don't you guys remember that picture posted not long ago with the over tanned granny in the bikini? I bet she was a lot younger than people think she really is. It is just so bad for your skin. There is no such thing as safe tanning except if it comes from a bottle.
  7. I go to the tanning bed too.. :ninja:

    But wow.. you guys go a LOT more frequently then I do (maybe that's why my tan isn't getting that dark LOL)..
    I only go about once every 5 or 6 days since I'm kinda paranoid about the freckle/mole thing.

    I have a question for all you girls that tan:

    Have you ever gotten a small dark mole/freckle the size of a pin head? I mean tiny tiny tiny! I found two of them: one on my inner thigh and one on my index finger! I've never had freckles/moles (not exactly sure which one they are lol) that look like this before??
  8. ^^^And that is why you posted about tiny wrinkles under your eyes (in your teens) in the other thread and shocked by it? You answered your own question of why it happened. That combined with dark freckles you never had before? Anyway, happy tanning.
  9. I'm not an avid tanner though..

    I started this year around March and I've only gone once or twice or week (never any more) and I also went through a 30-day period where I didn't go tanning at all since I had a mole removed for cosmetic reasons.
  10. I have all kinds of freckles and I had moles prior to tanning... so I'm not a good base for this question probably. I have noticed more visable/rapid damage from the times when I have gone to FL and spent too much time in the sun w/o sunscreen... I didn't used to have more then incidental freckles on my arms, but after one notable trip in Junior High when I burned so badly my upper arms peeled multiple times - my upper arms are now covered with freckles around the shoulder area!!

    I would say, that if you don't normally have any freckles or moles - definately keep an eye on it. If it gets any larger then probably 2-3 times the size it is now or starts to grow even just a bit bigger then it is now... but at a very rapid rate? See a dermatologist immediately.

    I realize the risks of tanning, and it isn't something I plan to do at a "full pace" year-round or for the rest of my life, it goes in cycles - I go through spurts where I'm tanning all of the time, then it may drop off to occasional tanning or a break all together. To me, it is relaxing and is something I just feel better after doing it. At age 24, I realize I have a baised view on tanning... and that my perspective will probably change with age.

    Will I ever let my future children tan at the age that I started tanning? Definately not. But then... I guess that is how these things go. :smile:
  11. I am not a redhead but my father is, and I inherited his inability to tan. I tried so hard when I was in high school, went to the tanning salon every single day for 3 months before prom. I didn't exactly get brown...I was more of a reddish color even though I wasn't burned.

    Over the years I continued to try to tan, would burn to a crisp, over and over again. After my dad had several skin cancers removed, I went to see a dermatologist and at age 27 had my first pre-cancerous mole removed. And by removed, I mean the Dr. cut a huge plug out of my back! Took 4 stitches to close it and it left an ugly scar. After that, I became very anti-sun damage. My husband tans easily and my 6 yr old daughter has skin that is a cross between mine and his. She does not seem to burn easily but does not get brown either. I keep her slathered in sunblock all of the time so she hasn't really had the chance to burn or tan.

    Those of you who tan, I TOTALLY understand why you do. Hell, I'd probably still do it if I could. But those of you who are fair and prone to freckles and moles, I'd like to encourage you to embrace the kind of skin you have and stop torturing yourself. My cousin's wife died from skin cancer when she was only 30 yrs old and it was shocking to me how quickly she went from being a happy, healthy gorgeous nursing student with her whole life ahead of her...to being terminal with no chance of survival. All because of an odd mole that kept meaning to get checked out.
  12. I use the sunbed once or twice a week, i'm olive skinned anyway and have never burned, i also cover up my face as im worried about premature wrinkles, it CAN be dangerous but it's up to the idividual to chose, just like people chose to drink and smoke etc etc now days it seems like EVERYTHING can give us cancer, what exactly can we do!?
  13. You should check out some web sites on the dangers of tanning beds..... A friends wife had skin cancer and literally had a huge maybe 2 X 4 inches of skin on her arm removed. It made a dent in her arm. She still continued to tan. I have seen women in their 30's who look like they are 50 due to sun damage. I lived in Florida for over 20 years so I have seen more damage than most people, even a few of my friends had pre cancerous problems.
  14. I tan all year around anywhere from once a week to three times a week. Sometimes, I will be lazy and not go for a couple of weeks. I know it is not good for you, but I hate being pale.....especially if I have been slacking on working out. I never tan my face because I use Obagi skin products and you will FRY. So, I guess in 20 more years (I am 28 now) I will have an awesome facial complexion with no wrinkles or freckles and will have a bod that is dark and leathery (God, I seriously hope not).

    Something that has proven to help reduce the damage from the sun is something at my tanning salon called "The Hydration Station." It is almost like a capsule/tanning bed, but there are no bulbs or anything....You just lie in it for 20 minutes and it steams you with warm water mixed with hydrators. Your skin is AMAZING afterwards!
  15. WOW!! That sounds fantastic!! I wish my salon had something like that.

    LoriB - I'm sorry to hear about your cousins' wife, and you give good advice. I've even noticed as I've lived in different areas, that some places it is the "norm" and others its not stressed as much as well.

    I think this is a really great thread!! If anything... its made me realize that I probably can cut down the number of days I'm tanning during the week, even including the fact that I prefer to not go the entire time allowed, I usually only go for 75% or less of the time. I just started back up at the place in my new area... so this thread came at a good time.

    However, this week I probably won't be tanning until the end of the week because I got seriously sunburnt at a dirtbiking event yesterday... :push: