tanning lotions

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  1. I've just recently gotten into going to the tanning salon and I was wondering what are some good lotions? Should I buy the ones at the salon or can I use something else?

    What's so special about the salon ones or are they as good as cheaper ones? Also maybe this sounds dumb but are they just like moisturizers or are they specially formulated for being used in tanning beds?
  2. I wonder this myself. I always moisturize with Lubriderm or Cetaphil after I shower or tan... Though I would use something to help me get a darker tan if I knew it worked.
  3. Glamfoxx, it is good you moisturize after you tan, EVERYONE SHOULD...

    As for tanning in the tanning beds, the lotions sold at the salon are better than the cheap ones you can get at WalMart. Most of them exclude cheap filler ingredients like mineral oil, petrolatum, etc...ones that block your pores and also don't let your skin soak in other nutrients. A lot of the ones I use have natural moisturizers in them (similar to more pricey lotions), agents that aid the skin in tanning or artificial bronzers to accelerate the tanning process with a natural glow that doesn't streak or look orange. There are lotions with bronzer, without, with quadruple bronzer, and some that give a mild warm tingle to activate your capillaries to bring more blood to the surface of your skin in order to improve circulation and activate melanin production. It can be really uncomfortable for people so I'd only recommend that for advanced tanners. It would be the same effect as if you worked out and then went tanning - your blood is already flowing and your heart is pumping! hehe.

    As for brands/specific lotions that I recommend -
    If you want something without bronzer, just a moisturizer with tanning accelerants, I would recommend: Drama Queen (in a pink bottle), No Clouds Allowed!, Smoke by Supre (does Hempz lotion), or Bloom. I'm not a huge fan of ones without bronzer, but that's just me. They work EXACTLY like ones with bronzer, but I like as much help as I can get :biggrin: They DO, however, work very well at keeping your skin soft and well conditioned, which is essential to keeping your tan looking great and your skin healthy (relative term since we all know the sun damages your skin).

    Now for ones with bronzer:
    Revival - it also has caffeine in it so you get a mild tingle on your skin but not a burning feeling. it sort of makes your skin feel awake (and this is coming from someone who drinks coffee every day)...I was amazed. haha! It works great, and has triple bronzer.

    Spellbound- this one is unique because while it is quadruple bronzer, it is a silicone based serum that glides over your skin. I didn't find this to work as well on me as regular lotions, but it smells really great and does still work adequately.

    Worship Me - quadruple bronzer, thick lotion, smells good and does the job.

    Ocho (also by the brand that makes Hempz) - claims to bronze for up to 12 hours and last for 8 days....pretty great claims! It does bronze well, it turned my friend VERY dark, but on me just so so results. I do notice a difference when I use it though!

    Jin (by Three Wishes Tan) - this is a newer company made by the former chemist for Designer Skin (one of the big companies that makes most of the lotions I listed above). She left to start her own company with the values she had and the knowledge she gained, and has made some great products. Jin is a great smelling lotion with quadruple bronzer and is really moisturizing. I definitely notice a difference with this one! There is also a version that smells more like 'man' called Black Dragon.

    If you want to try a tingler, the company that makes Jin also makes one called Mariji (I think, it is similar to that spelling)...it is VERY mild...I hate tinglers and this one barely feels tingly, but I do notice that I get darker!

    For a stronger sizzle, Bombshell is the way to go. Bonus is that it smells like strawberries.

    For all these lotions and more, you can use them outside also.

    The reason I prefer bronzers is you can build them like mild self tanners if you don't want to tan and still get a natural glow.

    Hope this helps!
    You should be able to write down the names and go to a salon and ask about them! Or shop around and find other ones that aren't on my list and smell them and try them out! There are so many to choose from!!!!
  4. Also, I say all this with knowledge I have gained from working in the tanning industry while I was in college. So I'm not some crackhead just typing random stuff! :biggrin:

    Make sure you exfoliate regularly.

    I forgot to mention one with SPF in it :biggrin: It is called Halo. Pretty decent and good that it has SPF!
  5. Candace - what would you recommend for someone who is VERY fair (i mean like paper white fair!)? Id like to give just my legs a little boost - I dont want to be unnaturally dark, but a little color wouldnt hurt, right?
  6. oh yes, perhaps just something like Australian Gold Cheeky Brown...it's a cheap, but decent lotion with one layer of bronzer in it. Definitely for the fair person or for a new tanner. And it smells good! :tup:

    Or even if you don't want to go tanning, Designer Skin makes a tinted moisturizer called Tinted Love that is really awesome!!!!!!! :biggrin: It's in a 22 oz bottle too!
  7. oooo that sounds great! thanks a lot!
  8. Thanks for all the great info candace, I have always been confused about the different tanning accelerators since there are so many choices!
  9. There are tons, and they are always coming out with new stuff, so it is hard to keep track!!! I like a lot of new stuff, but some of my favorites are oldies! hehe
  10. Bombshell is my favorite!!!
  11. hey candace! The information you gave was great. I also have a question. I dont want to go tanning but I want the tanned look. I have keratosis pilarsis on my legs and because of this I have these spots all over. I want to tan so I can blend the spots in, so I dont have spotty legs. What tanning lotion would you recommend? Also I am African American.

  12. Liquidox by CaliforniaTan is the best tanning lotion I have ever used! It's an accelerator, and somehow (magic?) it really helped my pale skin turn bronze fast! Also, since it has no actual bronzer/self-tanner in it, you can't screw it up! :smile:
  13. my mom used sunbeds for a little while and they gave her this tanning accelorater to go with it, it was great! But i can't remember what it was called.

    it was in a silver bottle and was goldeny colour and smelt i think either honeyish or coconut ish

    any ideas what it could be?
  14. I use Australian Gold Crystal 10... Great stuff!
  15. Candace you are a tanning savant!