Tanning for vacation

  1. I am going to Aruba in six weeks and i'm thinking of going tanning first. I've never tanned before so I dont know much about it.:beach:

    I am very fair skinned and was thinking of going so I'd do better in the sun and also look better in my swim suit. It doesnt help that I'll be sitting next to mr. 3% body fat on the beach.

    I always feel that the spray on tans even professional ones get blotchy/runny over time which looks even worse.:blink:

    Does anyone have any advise on how often i'll need to go for how long etc? TIA
  2. I am also extremely fair..and I used to go to the tanning bed, and I have used the spray on tans, which are streaky and hit or miss coverage wise.

    To be honest, I am way too afraid of skin cancer......so I stopped going to the tanning beds.

    Now, the only thing I use is Jergen's tinted moisturizer, for fair skin. It gives me a nice touch of color, but it's really natural. I start applying it once or twice a day about a week before vacation and to me it's just easier and safer. They also make a version for your face that is more subtle. Then I pile on my SPF 50 sunscreen!
  3. I would strongly urge you to avoid tanning beds. There are just too many reasons NOT to go. They're just so bad for your skin. However, sounds like it would be for a one-time reason, and not for an on-going year round tan.

    SO - if you do go, definitely invest in the tanning cream that they will try to sell you that is made specifically for tanning beds. The rays are different from sun rays and the stuff will prevent you from burning.

    I used a tanning bed YEARS ago - and I got burned. It's the most disgusting feeling, burning from a tanning bed. At least if you get a regular sunburn, it feels natural b/c you were in THE SUN. Not in an oven. So nasty.
  4. I am also fair-skinned, but i am worried that i would get very badly burned in the beds so i never went. Try a tanning cream instead (Fake Bake is really good).
  5. Products i STRONGLY recommend: Clarins Body Radiance Plus. This is uber moisturising, and has got just a hint of self tanner in it. Use it daily, and you'll notice a gentle and glowy tan.

    For the face, use the Clarins Radiance Plus Cream-Gel..Ditto for this one as well.
    If you want something darker, use Clarins Liquid Bronze.This is super fresh and lightly moisturising that gradually builds up a streak-free tan. Very natural and very glowy.
  6. Thanks for everyones imput. I dont like tanning either and am a strong beleiver of staying out of the sun so it would be a one time thing for me.

    Maybe i'll give the Calrins Body Radiance a try this week and see how it looks. I'm just always afraid of looking blotchy..
  7. trust me, the clarins body radiance thingy is really natural.. i'm asian with an almost white skin!! and this gave me a super even and gorgeous tan!