Tanner Krolle

  1. Does anyone here own them. I don't here much about them on tpf. I own one that I think is beautiful. It's lilac with pink accents.
  2. If I had the money, and were in London routinely, I'd special order a bag. The care they take in the London workshop is amazing. Right up there with Hermes but less.
  3. My sister just bought my mom a tote. It's adorable. The perfect size for work.
  4. I don't see them in the stores much any more. The last time was when I purchased mine, that was over a year ago. Wore mine yesterday....Got a lot of looks from the ladies and compliments from a few. Cool.
  5. My husband gave me my first Tanner Krolle for Christmas this year. Before that, I must admit that I'd never heard of them before. I must say though that this bag is extremely excellent quality and I absolutely LOVE it! :yahoo: I would recommend them to anyone. The problem is now that I have such a fabulous bag, everything else I see is such subpar...hehe
  6. Overstock.com has had them on sale periodically.
  7. I have had a number of these bags in the past, including the Sam Brown, Strummer and a really old velvet clutch. However, I had to sell these as I moved last year and found I could not keep accumulating so many that I did not use. I did, however, keep my navy blue Cutter bag with a sky blue contrast stitching.

    Having said that, it did not keep me from visiting the London store 2 weeks ago. Although I did not spot anything I liked in the sale, the SA showed me the catalogue for the Spring/Summer collection - saw so many that I know I will not be able to resist!
  8. i have three.... i'm an addict!

    If you haven't seen the new collection, check it out online... it's fab. :drool:
  9. Just got back from a sample sale and came home with 4! True -the new collection is gorgeous!
  10. I have a purple Tanner Krolle Lock & Load with pink accents. It's awesome. I get so many compliments on it.
  11. I've seen only one IRL, in TkMaxx; it was a huge tote - very nice, but a tad heavy (suede lining). I would love their Money bag though! Does anyone here own one? Any chance of a pic please?
  12. Hey just found 2 Money bags on eBay: turquoise suede and damson

    Booo I shouldn't have looked, I'm on a ban...:sad:
  13. Tanner Krolle bags are made by craftsmen (and women) and are extremely high quality. No I don't work for them (though I nearly did) but I know people who have and I know their bags from when I was at cordwainers college. Worth every penny and then some.
  14. I do not have any of their bags, but I would like one. They are very classic, not trendy(in a good way) and extremely well made. quite pricey but def worth it. I think they are one of those understated brands.
  15. Oh, this is just great. I was happy.

    I was minding my own business, toodling along, and BAM. I wander into this thread, and I find a whole new addiction I can't afford.

    Thanks. Argh!

    I just wasted an entire workday trying to find out where I can locate an Eva Tote without ordering directly from London. That's 8 hours of my life I'm not getting back. :p

    I'm now totally smitten with Tanner Krolle bags. I can't afford tPF, and I can't stay away. Argh!!!!