Tanner Krolle help!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've decided I would definitely be up for an Eva tote by Tanner Krolle in tan.

    I looked on Tanner Krolle - London

    but the site doesn't seem to sell the bags, only show them. Does anyone have any idea how I might buy one?

    I live in Queensland, Australia and I wondered if there is an international internet stockist?

    All help most gratefully received!!!! x
  2. You might want to try contacting Tanner Krolle London as they may ship out for you.

    Alternatively, they may also be able to tell you if they have any stockists in Oz.
  3. It's a beautiful bag. I haven't seen them in the US. Does anyone know who carries them here as well?
  4. Thanks for replying!

    I've already looked up the world clock so I can figure out a time to call...hopefully won't wake anyone up!

    I don't know that Tanner Krolle stocks in the US at all, they're a very old British leather house, they specialise in custom luggage and saddlery, so not too fashiony. But that bag, that bag!!!
  5. i was just oggling that bag earlier today! :graucho: good luck on your search!
  6. A few NM and Saks stores carry Tanner Krolle. But it's just a few select stores. Unfortunately, their subtle elegance doesn't attract all bag lovers, so I don't see them flying off the shelves. Hence, fewer and fewer stores seem to carry them in the US.
  7. I haven't seen them at all in California?
  8. ^^NM at Fashion Island in Newport Beach and the Saks in San Diego used to carry them. But I haven't seen them this year...