Tanner Krolle handbags?

  1. What do people think?


    They used to be sold at Neiman Marcus but not anymore. What are your thoughts on the Lock & Load styles?
  2. I like the Lock and load clutch and the meduim knot
  3. I know their quality is outstanding, I would love to have one of their bags in my collection. The lock and load looks really nice, wish I could see it IRL.
  4. the finishing is amazing... :yes:
  5. I love them all. Thanks.
  6. They just hired a new creative director today. They are really trying to revamp their image.
  7. Their bags are amazing. If you like the styles with the knots, Saks in San Diego had a number of them on sale. I'm not familiar with the names of all the styles--but try giving them a ring. Their number is 619.260.0030.
  8. Yup. =)
    Many (on sale) can be found at NM Fashion Island (Newport Beach CA), their number is 949.759.1900.
  9. I have a small money bag - the style with the large metal ring around the top and drawstring - and the leather is TDF, it's a verrry nice well-made bag and unlike anything else out there. I don't love all their styles, but I like how different they are.
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