Tanks underneath strapless dresses?

  1. So this is the second week of school and my eyes have been assaulted by the sight of girls wearing white tank tops with a nice summer dress over top. I don't get it. I've seen many girls doing this with very nice dresses. I think it completely ruins the whole outfit.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I didn't have the guts to take a picture of anyone so I thought I'd post them separately to give you an idea of this trend.

    It's this:



    I think it's very bizarre.
  2. nop, not really
  3. I've seen this and it is a very sloppy look. If these girls insist on layering, they should go for a straight neck spaghetti strap tank instead. Or if they're self conscious about their arms, wear a cardigan. ANYTHING but this look!
  4. i hate it with tanks but i love to wear tight longsleeved cashmere turtlenecks or white blouses under strapless dresses. so i can turn it into a fabulous daytime combo.
  5. I'd like it better worn with a tee.
  6. it makes the look more casual..cute wit jewelled flats ;)
  7. I think that it would look rediculous to wear a tank or anything other than a strapless bra underneath a strapless dress. If you need sleeves, than strapless is not for you.
  8. I dont love it, and I wouldnt wear it myself. But I dont say "ewww" when I see someone wearing it. My attitude is...if you like it, wear it!
  9. I'm not a fan of the look but I do like pairing button down shirts under a strapless dress to make it more "school girl" casual.
  10. I say nay...
  11. Kate Bosworth did it recently (from popsugar.com)
  12. Not a fan.
  13. i prefer it to layering dresses over jeans
  14. I'm not a big fan of this look. But ocasionally, I do see short-sleeved tees worn underneath strapless tops/dresses and if done the right way, is kind of cute!
  15. I see it alot and like it, although I usually wear tshirts instead.