Tank watch - leather or steel strap?

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  1. Hi! I’m looking to buy this for my bday in August, which do you prefer / recommend? Tank solo with leather strap or steel? Another option is the tank francaise in steel.

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  2. Hi,
    I tried tank solo, tank louis cartier, tank francaise, and panthere in small and medium both in steel. I didnt try solo in s/s though, however I dont like the steel too much on cartier watches unless it gold. My SIL tried panthere in gold with diamonds and it looked gorgeous on her since she has warm skintone. Steel makes the watch looks "cold" and not as dressy. Unless thats the look that you are aiming for. So, my vote is tank solo in leather. If you ever get tired of black band, you can buy different color with reasonable price. Or stack it with bracelet without worry too much of scratches like steel would do.
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  3. Leather. Something about the Tanks with leather, it’s just classic and classy. I wear LᎾVE bracelet in 16 and JuC in 15 for size reference. My Tank is in the XL.
  4. Here’s a photo for reference (see comment above)

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  5. Pros about steel lasts longer cons it will scratch.
    Leather won’t scratch but will eventually need to be replaced and I would récemment not getting it wet.
    Good luck on your choice. I like the look of the Tank Solo so I think either one will be a great choice.
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  6. Hi I’m thinking leather tank right now. Can I get some pics of your watch if you own? Would love to see how irs styled different ways.
  7. I have a Tank Solo and recommend leather all the way! It looks beautiful with exotics like ostrich or alligator.
  8. Oh man. I was just going to post a similar thread. I have a tank solo with ss bracelet. I have wanted the leather bracelet forever but am having a hard time justifying the $800 price tag. So, I really need someone to tell me it isn’t ridiculous and just to get it already.

    (Ps. I would crunch the numbers and get whatever is cheaper initially. I think you should have a ss for the watch because the leather will not last so, if the watch with the ss is cheapest get that and then a leather band)
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  9. Leather! I wear mine daily and FH eventually got me the steel strap to swap out and I have yet to put it on.
  10. Both are nice pieces but I prefer the steel one. When the leather gets wet or when sweat is trapped in between the leather and your skin, it can be nasty (especially if you live in a warm place). Plus, steel is more durable. I used to have a leather-strapped watch..but never again. Just my personal choice and opinion.
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  11. I also have a steel watch and love it.
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  12. Get the steel and buy a non-Cartier leather alligator strap. Best of both worlds! Between leather and steel, however, I prefer the look of leather with the solo. Can’t go wrong though!
  13. if you like the look of both steel bracelet and leather strap, purchase the watch on a steel bracelet first. it is cheaper to purchase leather straps later than the other way around.
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  14. Agreed, that's what my SA told me as well.
  15. Agree with this. I debated on the two for a while and eventually the SA suggested it’s cheaper and easier to buy a leather strap later than it is to buy the steel one.
    I love the cold look of the steel but will eventually go for the leather too.
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