tank tops

  1. Hi all---

    Does anyone know where I can find some good quality great color solid tank tops that I can layer. Like deep green and blue, purple and yellow etc.. J crew has some but I want to shop online and they don't seem to have them on their online catalog. I don't want to spend over $15.00 each on these and no logos please. Brand names are welcomed. :heart: Thanks.
  2. Old Navy is usually a great place for basics and they carry a lot of colors. They usually have either $5 shipping or free shipping too.
  3. 15 dollars and under would be hard for brand names.

    but i do use solid boy tanks from abercrombie kids. it's 12.50 and the white color has a white moose so the logo is virtually gone. it was online before but now they have different colors - no white - but i'm sure the local stores would still stock em'


    i want this color!

    target also has 6.99 tanks...mossimo. i don't like their quality myself but others have found it good


    and gap, gap is always a cheap place for basics when they have sales.
  4. I have really good tanks from GAP they are cotton but feel like silk - I think they were £5 in the sale - they are probably cheaper in the US though!
  5. gap and old navy are my best bets for tank tops =0
  6. I buy the bra tanks from Express. It's usully 2 for $24.00. they are soo comfy. I have most all colors and layer with them everyday
  7. Nordstrom in the BP (juniors) section has some GREAT tanks! They always come in 72657265 different colors and are super soft! They're my favorite in the summer! :yes:
  8. Hanes.com - I also buy cotton-spandex tees there. The tees are not princessized, just straight sides, but hanes only charges $9 if you buy them from them, as opposed to having someone else buy them in bulk, put their own label on them and charge $40...
  9. i have over 15 of jcrew's favorite tank tops...they are perfect! here's the link...it is on their website. you have a choice of w/ (2 for $30) shelf bra or w/o ($14.50).

    the link is for w/o.
    J.Crew > shop by category > knits & tees > tanks & camis > Solid favorite tank
  10. I like American Eagle's tank tops.
  11. Gap or C&C California (they may be a little pricier though)
  12. ITA with above...
    I buy them from
    Old Navy
    Hanes Boys A-shirts size large (3 per pack!!)
  13. I agree!, I own a couple with fitted stiching on the side that makes me look slimmer,I also purchased them for 3 bucks a pop on sale!
  14. I was going to suggest H&M, but the quality is pretty much non-existant (the stitching breaks after one or two washes, it looses it's shape quick etc etc), so I don't think that's the right thing to get since you wanted quality.
  15. I love James Perse and sometimes you can find them on sale online. The colors are more of a neutral tone, (at least the ones that I got) they are longer, wash well and fit great.