Tank solo strap

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  1. i just got my tank solo in the large size. The leather band is so unfortable and sits too high on my wrist. Do they have straps with a regular buckle as I think it is this stupid deployment clasp not working with my tiny wrists. If they don’t does anybody have any solutions or know where to get a strap with a buckle?
  2. I bought a tank watch and the alligator strap was so stiff it looked really strange, almost rectangular instead of round. It looked malformed on my wrist. I took it back to the boutique and was told the strap needed to be gently softened using a slight twisting motion from side to side. That was done by the watchmaker and I took the watch on and off until the strap was soft enough to sit perfectly on my wrist. I just wish the SA had mentioned this to save me a trip back to Cartier. The watch was a gift so I guess the idea was to present it as new and in it’s gift box so as not to look worn.
  3. The leather on mine is nice and mailable already I really think it’s the deployment clasp. I may have to try wearing it a bit looser but then it turns to far up my wrist.