Tank solo strap

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  1. i just got my tank solo in the large size. The leather band is so unfortable and sits too high on my wrist. Do they have straps with a regular buckle as I think it is this stupid deployment clasp not working with my tiny wrists. If they don’t does anybody have any solutions or know where to get a strap with a buckle?
  2. I wonder if your strap was not sized correctly. It should have a close fit. New leather straps have a little break in period. The heat from your arm will cause the leather to soften and mold better to your wrist. If I get a new stiff alligator band, I put beeswax for exotic leathers on mine, and I wear the watch to soften it up. It might take a couple of weeks or more for the band to soften and the watch to lay down on your wrist.
  3. How snug should a leather strap fit I find I keep changing the sizing I can’t figure it out. I’m used to metal bracelets on watches.
  4. The strap should be snug. The watch shouldn’t be too tight, but it shouldn’t slide around. The watch should lie flat on your wrist once the strap is broken in. If you like a loose bracelet type fit, that doesn’t really work with a leather strap.
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