Tank Solo - Gold or Stainless?

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  1. I am having a difficult time deciding between these two watches and any help would be appreciated.

    I think both watches are beautiful but somehow I seem to prefer the gold. What is odd about this is I never wear gold jewellery. I do have a small Tank Franchise in stainless but I really like the bigger face of the Solo. The question for me is gold or stainless?

    In addition to never wearing gold jewellery, I have a white gold love bracelet which I never take off and am unsure how the gold solo would go with it. Although I don't care if things actually match I think introducing another gold bracelet/bangle when I wear the gold solo would make it look better. I having been looking for a gold bracelet but have not yet found one that I think would work. I would love to get a gold love bracelet but right now that is not an option. So I am thinking maybe I should get the stainless Solo as it will go with what I have and I don't have to worry about purchasing additional gold jewellery.

    Any thoughts for or against?
  2. I think you should get the gold. You already have a stainless steel so if you get another stainless steel watch it seems silly to me. A gold tank solo is so classic that it will go with everything. You can always buy a simple Diamants de Legers or Saphirs de Legers bracelet to go with it later on.
  3. Thank you for responding and for the bracelet suggestions.

    Part of the decision for me is, if I buy the gold watch, what will I buy to go with it in order to layer it with my white gold pieces. I will take a look at your suggestions. I was also looking at the Tiffany Pearls by the Yard in gold.

    Thanks again.
  4. You mentioned that you prefer the gold so I would go with the gold. I wear a SS watch and the YG love and think the combination makes for a great contrast!
  5. I would get the gold. It's a great price and very classy.