Tank or Ronde?

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  1. Tank! I also have this watch and have been using it for a few years now. It’s the perfect shape/size. So classy, sleek and chic!!
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  2. I'm about to take the plunge and buy my first Cartier anything and I think I've decided on the Tank Anglaise. Anyway, I also only look at quartz watches bc:
    1. less maintenance (imo) because it only requires a battery change (simple 30-minute process at most)
    2. more accurate time-keeping
    3. don't need to wear everyday (because I don't wear a watch everyday)
    4. lighter watch due to quartz mechanism
    5. smaller sizes available; I have a fairly small wrist so larger watches look funny
  3. Late to the party here, but I'm buying myself a (pre-owned) Cartier watch for my 30th Birthday! Yippee! I'm also debating between the Tank and Ronde. Which do you think is better? If the ronde wondering if I would need to get a bigger size - this is the 29mm, but contemplating a 36 mm (I'm 5'7 normal frame, 6 in/6.25 in wrists for context). I love the BB, but way out of my price range (even pre-owned) unfortunately!

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  4. Vote for Tank
  5. Tank
  6. another vote for the Tank Française. :tup: