Tank or Ronde?

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  1. Hi all!
    The watch thread is a little slow so thought I’d try a new thread :smile:

    Finally decided to take the plunge and get a Cartier watch. After getting my Loves, I was bit by the Cartier bug.

    I’m between the Tank and the Ronde and would love your thoughts and opinions!

    I’ve had a Michele gold deco watch for almost 9 years now and I’m ready for a change. This would be my every day watch and since I love the shape of the deco I’m drawn to the Tank. However the Ronde is totally different and looks nice as well.

    Thanks for your thoughts and insight!

    IMG_1529.jpg IMG_1530.jpg
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  2. Tank.
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  3. I did it the opposite. I got 2 cartier watches, and now I want a love bracelet! The ronde would be nice, as it's so different than your current watch, but I just love the tank. I was trying to decide between the ronde and the tank myself and went with the tank. I have no regrets.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I think that’s the only reason I hold onto the ronde is it’s different... the shape. But I love the shape I have. Just want SS, cleaner, classic and less bling. So maybe the Tank is it!

    Oh and definitely get a Love bracelet (bad influence haha) I haven’t regretted either!
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  5. I think the Tank looks best on you
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  6. I like both of them on you haha.
    They are very similar just different shapes. Maybe look at what bands you can get for each one, just in case in the future your style changes and you want to update.
    In all honesty, I do have both (haha). I have the Tank Solo Medium in SS with a SS bracelet and got a blue alligator strap. I have the Ronde Solo in Rose gold with brown leather strap, in size small. Love them both, they are so classic and you cant go wrong with either.
    I think the Tank Solo is a good one but its such a tough choice! wishing you the best xx
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  7. Went today and ended up with the Tank Solo! I like that down the road I could change the strap. My SA also had a strong opinion that the Tank looked a little better on me. Which was my gut feeling anyway! I also liked that it was quartz and not automatic which helped push me over the edge
  8. Tank. Classy classic. I have that same watch and when I first got it, I had second thoughts, wondering if it is too “plain”. I am glad I kept it. My outfit feels elevated every time I wear it
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  9. The Tank. I have the exact same watch, very happy with it, I wear it often with white gold jewelry. I chose it because most of my watches were round (Rolex, Omega, Cartier chronoscaphe 21).
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  10. Great choice!
  11. So I had the same exact problem!!! I eventually picked the Ronde in 36mm since it’s automatic and doesn’t require replacement batteries etc. IMG_8675.jpg
  12. Tank looks best on you.
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  13. Hi can i ask why would you prefer quartz than automatic? It is the opposite for me, i love the look of tank but the automatic one is too big on me so i am leaning towards Ronde 36mm with leather.
  14. Love the Tank Solo on you - I have it as well :smile:. I am a big fan of clean lines and sharp corners. Now I am thinking of getting a leather band for it to "dress it down" on occasion as well. Congrats!!
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  15. I guess I’m used to a battery operated watch so it’s comfort in the “known”. Also the maintenance for the automatic vs quartz is pretty significant. If I remember correctly my SA said the service for the automatic was $300 or so vs the $40 battery for an automatic. I think for me I appreciate and wanted a nice cartier watch but after a certain price point I’d rather invest in another love or a JUC.