Tank look-a-like

  1. I love the tank design but sadly my wallet cant afford it, what do you guys think of this fossil, i don't want it to be identical so people will confuse the two just have an inspired look, if that makes any sense
  2. here is the tank (not sure if its real or not) i would get to compare btw the fossil is around Au $160 (and i am a guy)
  3. I don't think they really look alike at all, other than the square shape....
    If you like it, rock it!!
  4. I really like the gray face of the fossil.
  5. You know, I only fell in love watches & other luxury goods about a year ago... prior to that I thought spending over $200 on a watch was ridiculous.

    I worked retail for 2 companies that carried Fossil watches & I thought they all looked great... I had no clue about whether or not they were "inspired."
    Fossil watches had a nice weight & seemed to be able to take a beating. They're water resistant (most were)....and I say...

    If you like the Fossil watch and are happy owning a Fossil watch, get it!

    If you are going to look at it & mentally sigh to yourself I wish I had a Tank, perhaps it would be best to save up...

    Also, check out the Salescorner/TZ Showcase on the timezone forum, perhaps you could find a LNIB w/papers to your liking... :yes:
  6. I obviously have to try it on so i can see how it looks on my wrist, fossil seem to be good quality (I've never had one to know) generally i like better quality and brand names but after all my expenses i cant afford much more than $200 on a watch (esp. when i have 2 others) but none are really night watches that are cheap enough to throw around. anyway as i said i want it to hint toward a tank not be identical. and yes i would prefer a tank but it will be years before i can afford it and i don't think i could just drop that much on one thing (plus I'm saving for an apartment)
  7. I think the Fossil watch is fine! Lots of watchmakers have the tank-style watch, it's not exclusive to Cartier. The rectangular, simple face is pretty classic and I wouldn't automatically assume it was a knockoff.
  8. Coach makes a watch that looks a little like the cartier, it may be more than you want to spend though, I think around $400 US.