Tank Divan

  1. I have heard that is going to be discontinued,do you think it is still worth buy it or would you buy La Dona in steel?
  2. honestly you must love the watch. :love: I prefer when watches are discontinued... makes them even rarer. but i wont lie La Doña is the la doña (the boss) of cartier watches. :graucho:

    here is a great story on the watch. I really suggest you read it. It makes you want one more after!!!!


    what size were you going for?
    this is the small one. I prefer a larger one (if its available) that way people can really can see how beautiful that watch is!! :wlae:

    La Doña

    Cartier Divan
  3. La Dona hands down:tup:!!! So elegant and the design is so unique!!!
  4. You are right,la Dona is so beautiful,I have a small wrist do you think it will fit me better than the divan?