Tanished Chanel Gold Chains?

  1. does anybody know if Chanel accepts recoloring or replacement of a tarnished interlocking with leather gold chains?

    I have a black classic flap small but due to usage and age the gold chains has somewhat tarnish, since we dont have a Chanel store here in the Philippines, I have to send it to HK through a friend but first I would like to know in your experience does Chanel stores accept repairs like this?
  2. Although I have never repaired anything at Chanel, but I am sure they could replace the chains. I just don't know how much they will charge and how long it will take.
  3. I am so relieved to hear that! thanks! :flowers:
  4. Abt 3 years ago I sent one of my gold chain belts for refurbishing. I forgot how much it cost but it was under $150, including shipping ( I took it to Chanel in SF, and they shipped it to New York) The problem was it took abt 3 months before I got it back. It looked great (shiny & new)
    A friend of mine has had a classic flap refurbished and it looked fantastic, including hardware. Again, took abt 3-4 months before she got it back.(hers was shipped off to NY as well)
  5. Hi, thanks for the info....just want to ask how much did your friend paid refurbishing the whole bag including the hardwares? when you say refurbish the bag, does that mean redying the bag?
  6. I don't know how much she paid to have it refurbished.
    I remember seeing the bag before it was sent in; (it was black lambskin.) It looked dull and the bottom corners looked worn.
    When she got it back it looked 'freshened up' and the hardware was shiny. Im not sure what exactly they did to it though!
  7. Ohhh thanks for replying back. I will ask my friend to bring my bag to HK to have it refurbished :flowers: This forum is really a big help